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Off to look at a 4.2 Cayenne S. Any pointers please?


New member
14 Jan 2012
Going to see a 16 reg, 4.2 S with 55k miles.

It is black and black with black wheels. It seems to have most options on it, but are there any particular things or spec to look out for?

I have only driven one previously, so other than reading round, I don't have much experience.

Any advice would to great, thank you.
I'm amazed how many people are still willing to spend large amounts of money on diesel cars now.

What you save in fuel, you'll lose by the bucket load in depreciation IMO.

I'd be way too worried about tightening emissions and taxes on diesels.
In my opinion to the average punter diesels are already considered the ginger step child.
Already depreciated,cheap running costs and monumental low down real world useable torque means its a thumbs up for me. :thumbs:
I think all the used market is currently inflated, but until the new market can catch up it will stay that way. Petrol/hybrid is still a bit steep for me and I do like the prospect of a lot of torque.

I don't intend doing a high annual mileage and will be pulling a trailer for some of it.

I was more interested in the various options that are a must to look out for, such as air suspension, PASM, and PDSL.
Transfer case failures, google how to check.

Lock the car, unlock and check all of the doors open from the outside, door lock actuators tend to fail.

If the car has a Pano roof, open the boot and check the compartments either side, the roof drains block and these areas fill with water, unfortunately the areas that flood are full of electrics and can cause major damage.

IMHO Pano roof is more agro than the worth of it, blinds and mechanisms can also fail.

Generally they are bullet proof, great everyday cars.

Spec is personal, I have had several, extended leather is a must in my eyes, the plastic dash and doors look budget.

Heated seats are a must. If more than one person is going to be driving the car memory seats, they also have more adjustment.

Power boot.

Dependant on wheel size PASM and or Air is a big plus, Air is great if you can get it, running 21's without air or PASM does impact ride quality.

I like the Sport Design Pack and Black Black, basically sport body kit colour coded and black pack brings black assents as oppose to chrome.

Roof rails cannot be retro fitted so if you want to use them you have to buy a car that has them.

Carbon interior is nice, but personal preference as is the bazillion other options.
Got it home. Comfy, quick and quiet. Good steering and brakes, just got a reversing sensor to fix.

Really pleased.
Great choice, you will enjoy it!

If it's not under warranty, I recommend you change the transfer box fluid as a precaution.

Also ensure firewall / drainage rubber grommets are removed to prevent blockages / aid drainage and prevent ingress of water into the floorpan under the carpet.

These are the only real issues to be aware of for this model, from what I have read.
As already mentioned the transfer box is the only Achilles heel of this fantastic Porsche. So look out for that any juddering or hesitation through the transmission is a tell tale sign but it's by no means catostphic to sort out and good advice to regularly change the box oil.
As a prospect for ownership it will put the widest smile on your face that 4.2 V8 is a peach and I could see 40+ mpg on a long run and never less than low thirteees. Get it remapped by Celtic tuning and you'll have a rocket ship on your hands.

I had to sell mine as even after two years of ownership the wife kept on insisting it was much larger than her Golf GTD that I swapped for and that she didn't enjoy parking.

As for diesel doubters, don't listen to them. I've just cancelled my order for an Audi Q4 Etron on the basis that it's been on order since September 2021, won't be here until July or later and the people at Podpoint installing the electric charging point want to remodel my house to install it at not inconsiderable cost to me. So in an act of desperation I went for a test drive in a new Ulez compliant 330d BMW Touring.What a great car, amazing torque, chassis and 40+ mpg with 500+ range and £13k cheaper than the Etron! The planet will have to wait until the infrastructure and manufacturers have got their act together before I venture into EV world meanwhile I'm going to enjoy my antichrist diesel.

Good luck with the Cayenne :thumbs:
It is under warranty, but I have the engine management light on with a NOX sensor, which I have reset, to see if it comes on again. The reversing sensors have stopped working too, I shall have a look for the part number. I am making it sound like a pup, but I really like it. It has 6 months warranty, so should be ok.
On a 955 the parking sensors are VW and around a tenner each. I wouldn't be surprised if the later Cayennes were too.

Often it's an outer one as they get all the mud and wet thrown at them.

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