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OBS Scanner - Which one?

I've not found a way to check over revs on the 996.2, but it's does fault codes well, and I don't think there's much in the way of special features to play with either on the 996.2.
Hi, I have a 'cheap' £30 Autel Autolink AL319 universal reader which also clears any fault codes if needed. Have had it for a while and does what I need.

Is there any advantage in the more expensive readers??

I/my wife had a BMW Mini a few years ago and I downloaded the BimmerCode app and was then able to change lots of funky settings, likewise did similar on a Landrover Discovery - is there anything like this for the 996 and I guess are there even any settings that could be changed if there was an app/reader??

I have a Foxwell NT520 Pro - which has Porsche, Honda and Volvo packs on it.
For the money its very good and reads most modules on my 996.2.
I sold my Durametic after getting this.

However, on the Honda, I have found it very flakey. As with all scanners, its only as good as the software. I have recently bought a SnapOn scanner (running 2019 software) - its much more reliable (the Foxwell can sometimes see modules, but at other times - usually when you really need it - it cant connect to the module). Admittedly the SnapOn would have been over £4k when new (I didnt pay anywhere near that) - but definitely much better. It wont do much of the programming - so I will keep the Foxwell as well.
Hi just reviving this old thread as had a CEL come on today so need a code scanner. Just wondering what consensus is on iCarSoft POR v3.0 vs Foxwell NT530. Both similarly priced and appear to me to have similar features although Foxwell says cannot reset service light whereas you can with the iCarSoft. Can you add other makes to the Foxwell for an additional fee? Anyone have experience of the iCarSoft? I'm probably leaning slightly towards that one... Thanks.
Autel md802 here, pleased with it.
I’ve just ordered the iCarSoft CR Pro. Will see how I get on diagnosing the fault code

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