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Number Plate

Andrew Pawley

New member
9 Dec 2005
Hi everyone, i own a SJ410 but i have the number plate
D911-XCH i wanted to ask (as my car is now dead) how much could i get for the number plate and where to sell it, regards

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Where's Roddy?

Hi Andrew, welcome to the site, but you may well not get many serious replies from the guys here. We have had a quite a few *911*** plates offered on the forum but they just ended up being teken the pi** out of.

Try looking at the back of 911& Porsche World mags, they offen have similar plates for sale, might just give you an idea.

Now guys, be nice to him, he's only asking! :wink:

BTW, what's SJ410?

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Oh no... here we go again!

Undated 911 X.. plates fetch just over £1k, so probably less that that given its an 87 plate.

The car will surely need to be MOTable to transfer the plate off?

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yeap the car is MOT and taxed, but the engine packed in, one of the cylinders is leaking oil into it so it is misfiring and i have basic skills and being a student no money, to answer your question a SJ410 is a suzuki jeep, thanks for the help guys

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Actually Andrew is far better than the twits that come on here trying to flog stuff...he's only asking best place to try to sell it & what to ask for it...Good luck selling Andrew...put the proceeds towards a 911 & come back here proper

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having just read my last post i am sorry if i affended anyone, sorry, but again thank you for all the advice

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Andrew, don't think you've offended anyone, if you had you should see the response you would have got :)

People on here just get pissed when others come on asking 5k for a plate just cos it has 911 in it.

You haven't done that, so no probs.

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Andrew..............for some bizarre reason ive got a soft spot for the old SJ's.....so thats you in my "good" books straight away 8)
......anyway glad that you at least aren't coming on here trying to flog the plate for a ridiculous price,as others have said the vehicle which has the plate on needs to have a current MOT to transfer it off from,and tbh although the D911 part isn't too bad the XCH bit might be a hard one to "place" for a potential buyer,unless of course Charlie Heeley's real first name is Xavier and he just uses his middle name......anyway back to selling the plate......get the SJ MOT'd if you can then put the number on retention (£105 for a year btw)...then i would try it on eBay......might take a while but you never know

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Previous poster said:
Quote: Originally posted by Peter Bird on 10 December 2005

You lot suddenly got the Christmas spirit :p
Just biding our time . . . :twisted:

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