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Not the Done Thing?


12 Aug 2013
I know badging is always an emotive issue on any car, and especially a marque with history. I think it looks good and I've had good comments so far. You, the plebiscite, decide.

Dislike that am afraid, was reading an interesting story in "total 911" they where saying it was basically VW's influence to badge the 991 to death

IMO a 911 badge alone looks fantastic , sort of less is more apporach
One or the other would look better imo.

From the photo it looks like mismatched fonts :(
Mmm, no for me I'm afraid...looks mismatched and too cluttered.
Martian said:
Are the letters the Halfords font? :oops:

Aw, that's just mean.

But . . . .

I agree, less is more. I'd prefer a larger window decal with P O R S C H E, however, I'm keen to keep mine as stock as possible. Even the bad bits. :eek:

Although, if you like it, then you like it and that's reason enough for me. :D
Is it straight mini-me? - looks like it dips in the middle, although it could be an illusion!

No from me also, dont mix Fonts from 991 & 997 , personally i like the ' Carrera S' font .....

I agree with monster also , it looks a bit out of alignment but could be an optical illusion from Pic angle ..... OCD Check required now Mini- me !!

Car is nice in Meteor Grey though M-M.....

Too cluttered for me, lets be honest it doesn't really need a badge to tell people its a Porsche does it?

Then again I am biased, I took the turbo badge off mine, much prefer the clean lines (and easier polishing).
Less is more for me too

Don't like the PORSCHE across the back of the 991

Looks a bit try hard :dont know:
different fonts, different materials (one matt/one shiney) and different elevation

Looks a reet mess as they say up north

911 on its own looks good (see below). If I was ordering new though id have id specify deletion

It's a hark back to the 80's when no car could be seen without a plethora of meaningless tat stuck on the back, presumably to reduce lift :dont know:

If you like it then you don't need to ask for the opinions of the forum :thumb:

If you have to ask then you already know it looks guff... :nooo:

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