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21 Jun 2003
I'm having some paintwork on my car and while it is in the shop I thought I'd have a few other things done so I had a new windscreen and the wheels refurbed.

I only really needed one wheel refurbed but there were a few marks on all four so I went for the lot. So I used Wicked Wheels.... the paint shop called me and said I should call Wicked Wheels and get them to come back because the offside rear was not good at all. So I did and they said they will come to my house next week or week after. I went up to the paint shop yesterday to have a look for myself and all four wheels are far from acceptable. Paint smears/marks/bubbling/flat paint etc. - infact some look worse than they did before.... Tuesday morning I will be on the phone like a shot and I'm going to suggest they get someone in authority to come and take a look at the mess. Of course I am going to ask them to re-do the lot.


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Cripes! I hope you can get this sorted out!

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I think they are a franchise so if you get no joy from the guys who did the work you can speak to the head office ....

I used them last year to do my two rears and I was very happy with their work. Shame I curbed one of them 2 weeks later ;(

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I am in the process of having all 4 wheels refurbished by Wicked Wheels. They f*cked them up on their first attempt and so I got them to collect them and they should be re-doing them this week. Hopefully they will make a better job of them second time around. I will let you know how they turn out.

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They are looking at them this morning. I was told yesterday that as they were not new wheels sometimes they do not come out perfect..... to which I replied if they were new wheels I would not be having them refurbed..... new wheels don't usually need to be refurbed thats the point of having older wheels refurbed !!! :evil:

Anyway I will just wait for their call..... the wheels can't go away till after Le Mans anyway.

I'll keep y'all updated.

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Will, which franchise are you using? I am using the one that covers Essex.

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Well I used the head office in Essex. The car was at Lancaster Cambridge paintshop at the time and WW sent a guy called "Stan". He has been back this morning and has confirmed that WW will re-do 2 wheels but the other 2 could be tricky. In anycase it will happen after my trip to Le Mans and will be done by someone different as the car will be back home in Billericay.

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Hello - new member here.

I had a disaster with WW wheels a couple of years ago. The refurbed all four of my Speedline alloys. Everything looked great until I fitted new tyres, then the tyre fitting machine stripped off all the new silver paint from the alloys in great flakes. Result was a total mess and I ended upbuying completely new wheels. So beware, even if the job looks good, there could be a nasty surprise waiting a year down the road.

Maybe I was unlucky

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Thanks so I'll pick my next tyre fitters carefully and then ask them to take EXTRA care !!!! My current set have only rubbed off 2000 miles.

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