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Not had one for a while.. what to look for on a 993.


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2 Feb 2005

I have not had one for a while, but fancy getting another 993 (C2 Man)

Anyone know the below vehicle ?

And also, its been 7 years from when I had my last 993, what do I look for?

Apart from the normal -

Doors clicking
A/C cold
Oil leaks
Rust around window screen (front and rear)
Service history

I know there are guides out there, but you guys live in and out your cars..


Car in question -


I will want to slowly turn her into an RS rep, more for looks than handling and performance.

I saw that one - it's been around a few weeks?

Maybe the approach to the stupid 100k barrier is putting people off, or maybe something else.

If it's a keeper you don't care about mileage.

Dropped a bit too low for real roads, so what setup has he got? Will you need to replace everything? Top mounts done?

Early sports seats (the best) but looking a little tired. Exhaust tips fitted by Stevie Wonder (or he's clunked the right-rear as the car is so low), but overall from the photos it's worth a look.

Ask what has been replaced/inspected. Brake discs all lipped/corroded on the back-face? Caliper-lift sorted? What does 'service history' mean exactly?

Check those screen-surrounds REALLY well :grin:
Evidence of the dreaded chassis leg repair :?:
Dont know the car but is low

Clutch @ 100k is going to be shot as will front a-arm bushes if still original

The usual stuff like heat shields , bumper stays front disc dust shields

Not to much history in that description

Shout if you need some help Dan
Price is right if you are going to turn it into something else :thumb: Cant help thinking Cat C/D at the price :dont know:

AC cold - Not at this price :hand: But that is fixable.

Wow it is low but if its had new suspension that will be a bonus as ride height can be adjusted.

Interior looks tired but as we know this can be restored (chap on ebay makes a good profit out of buying knackered seats and making them look brand new)

looks like some corrosion to rear of front arches/sills - common if not treated.

Got to ask myslef why it hasn't sold :?:
Was it looking at the back of my car for 2 days that has re-ignited the 993 urge Dan?

I love polar silver BUT I viewed a few and although 99% of 993 have had some paint by now Polar is very hard to match / blend and get the blue hue consistant. I nearly pulled the trigger on a Polar but mis matched panels put me off as I knew I would have to spend £5k on a full respray.

I can't think of a recent 993 coupe <100k and <£20k recently so could be perfect for your plans :dont know:

And next week??????
Dave said:
And next week??????


3 cars in the running -

Clio V6
Megane R26r


3 cars in the running -

Clio V6
Megane R26r[/quote]
Given your job

Clio and Megan are a bit Busmen's holiday are they not :nooo:

If you want to be reminded on just how good a 993 is I am happy to let you test drive mine ( bums on seats sell cars :floor: )
clinchy993 said:
If you want to be reminded on just how good a 993 is I am happy to let you test drive mine ( bums on seats sell cars :floor: )

If you're going to put your bum on that seat at that ride height I would take a cushion.
Does look very purposeful.

Got to be good value at that price, I reckon given the time it has been for sale it could be ripe for an offer too.

Get it inspected!
The advert actually says:

"Last of the air cooled"


All it really needs is a picture with the spoiler up too.
Daniel said:
Dave said:
And next week??????


3 cars in the running -

Clio V6
Megane R26r

Well, if it helps to make your decision any harder let me add:

993 - King of Porsche

I was passed by a Clio V6 at the weekend and they look terrific :thumb:

The .R is a very special car. Quite unique and superb. Renault does GT3 :worship:


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