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Not a 911


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1 Jul 2004
I have been reading this forum since last Summer and OK I know it's not a 911 but I have just taken delivery of my new Seal Grey 987 Boxster 2.7 and I am chuffed to bits.

At last :)


And found a use for the cupholders.



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Congrats Greg! Its a Porker mate so you've plenty of friends here mate!

What is it like? I had a 2002 2.7 for a bit. Great car! I test drove the 987 2.7 and was really impressed. Its a HUGE improvement over the last car!!! I was seriously tempted to get it!

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Love it already and so glad that I specced PASM as it is a pretty smooth ride for a sports car round town, over speed bumps and almost rally conditions B roads, in Normal mode.

The cars I test drove without PASM were very choppy and denture loosening on our badly surfaced roads.

Picked the car up last Friday in the pouring rain and headed out towards the coast on great roads which unfortunately had a lot of slow moving traffic. The car was great for quick overtaking even though I was taking it easy and not taking it over 4000 rpm. Quickly got into a fast chase with a BMW 540 and a Honda S2000. Just like my biking days, surely I'm too old :wink:

After 30 miles the sun came out so after a quick stop at a smart country hotel to take some pics, it was roof down for the rest of the day for some fast A road, over 100mph still at running in speed, and some very slippy, wet and narrow B road stuff.

Finished the day crawling for 2 hours through SW London in rush hour traffic. Wow! this car really can be used in all situations although you can feel that it just wants to go and blast off when it is stuck in the stop/start traffic.

A very confidence inspiring drive and I am looking forward to us growing old together if only I can get over the paranoia of leaving it parked out in a very congested London street.

Parking is a bit of a nightmare as I am terrified of kerbing the 18" rims and it is hard to judge where the back of the car is. I'm sure I'll get used to this as my other car, a BMW 323, has been with me for 7 years now and I almost can feel it's parameters and am able to squeeze it into gaps with mere inches to spare.

So it's 2 days old now and covered in filth, looks mean, and my 5 year daughter thinks it's great. Had to get the Airbag Deactivator fitted so that she could come for rides but I also have a 3 year old boy so maybe I should have got a 911 :)

Suppose he could fit in the front boot :eek:

Got a free umbrella that fits in a cubby hole in the passenger side sill and a full tank of petrol. Thought that they might throw in some mats but no way. Shame, as it was raining when I picked it up, the carpets have already collected quite a bit of crud.

Well I have to ask the wife if I can disappear on drives every night to get the running in dealt with but I am not sure how long I'll keep my licence when I get to take it to 7000 rpm.

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congrats Greg, make sure you keep that licence as we'd like to see your new mota at a meet some time soon, she sounds fab :wink:

when is the next meet near/in London guys?

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Well done Greg, I think you have made a great choice, Good colour and the 2.7 is not too far short of the Boxter S, a good value Porsche!!??

What wheel/tyre combo did you spec?

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