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Noisey Keyring!!!! (A little OCD I know)


Well-known member
9 Feb 2011
A while ago one of the keys stopped working so I got a new one from OPC. I think it's the same key for the 991 which is a lot nicer than the original plastic one, however the bit that attatches it onto the keyring is metal, so it rattles a bit when you're driving along which is really getting on my nerves.

Does anyone else has this issue? Any ideads to solve it? Is there arubber widget or something you can put on your key ring?
This sounds expensive, I think the problem could relate to your exhaust rather than the keyring. :D. You must have the quietest GT3 on the planet.


JD you need to get that engine working as God intended then you won't notice these little.... idiosyncrasies ... so much .. 8)
That's rich coming from you Roro..... driving behind you on our trip to Wales last year was like following my Gran on her mobility scooter!

I'm off on hols on the 10th so can't make it......having the car shipped down to my parents in Spain and driving it back up 8)
mark pearce said:
Email me your address and I'll send you a proper key ring which should solve the squeak !!

Very kind offer, PM sent :thumbs:
Reminds me of that old vw advert with the chick with the earring squeak & the mechanic in back put oil on her earring with the small oil can & solved it!! :D

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