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No laughing now !!


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2 Feb 2005
Hi Guys, been a while..

I have just got back from Cuba, and pulling up and not seeing my 993 on my drive has made me think I need a new toy ! (those who don't know I had to sell it cos of the split of me and my ex)

I have been thinking that I can afford to blow up to around £8,000 ish !

Do I-

Get a 944 Cab ?

look for a 968 ?

always wanted Lotus Elan (around a 92 turbo SE) ?

Golf G60 Rallye ?

911 (up to £8,000, but what would that get me ?) ?

This will be as my 993 was (bless her, who I miss like crazy :( ) a weekend car that I would do about 3,000 miles a year, I have NO garage now so would want to think of rust and stuff.

Just fancy something fun, and will always start and not cost a bomb to look after..

Any thoughts... ?

rude of me not to ask, how are you all ?


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good to hear all is well...

£8k doesn't get you much of a good 911.. and 944 Cab and 986 are closer to £10k

but a earlier 986 would get my vote, as it is 'kind' of practical and looks more modern than a 944 (even if it is about the same!) but they are realiable and virtually deprecaition proof, not forgetting it is supposed to be the finest front-engined handling car ever (which makes it fun!)............assuming you can find one !

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Hi Dan - good to hear from you - how about a 944 turbo?

Golf Rallye is a good option,but they are quite rare in the uk , no ?

If you could get a garage - how about a 912- classic looks but simple mechanics ?

Let us know what you decide upon.

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Hi Dan, good to see you back. The 968 would get my vote. Saw one at the car sales place on the roundabout in Warlingham, yesterday. It's been there for a few weeks now (at least a month) It's black on a M plate but I couldn't see what they're after for it.

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Hello Dan, good to see you back!

My money'd go on a really good late 944S2, 944 Turbo or a 968. You see some great ones in the mags.

An £8K 911 will need work, and will ropey compared to your 993... good project though.

Elan's apparently are a bit lacking in soul?

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Hi Dan,

got an Elan SE so can at least comment on that. For 8k you'll be able to get a real nice example, clean & low mileage (sub 50k). They are very reliable having all GM components. Great fun to drive, you can really drive hard & you won't get into trouble. Fairly practical, boot will take a set of golf clubs. Comfortable, lack the firm ride of an Elise. Leaving outside may be a problem, as a lot of hoods leak around the seals. However the body won't rust. Servicing is relatively cheap provided you stay out of the Lotus network. I know people who have used them as everyday cars, there are a lot of high milers out there as testament to that.

Mines BRG, very low miles 18k on a 90 plate, it's a keeper. Love it as i think the shape is great. Head on with the roof down it's gorgeous. If you consider the Elan further let me know & I can give you some more info.

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My vote on that sort of money is gonna be the G60 if you cant get one. Yes they are rare, extremley reliable and will not depreciated much.

The fun that can be had with one of these will amaze you. I have not had one for years now, but my mates one still puts a smile on my face. They are also practical should you need it to be.


Big VW Golf mk1 & 2 fan !

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Corrado VR6 not on your list,got quite an enthusiastic following/fanbase,had mine for 4 years and although ive only driven it once since i bought the 993 when i did it still was enjoyable

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How about Integrale,Maserati biturbo,Mercedes E500,Audi UR quattro,or Jag XJR?

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Audi RS2 ?

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Welcome back Dan.

The front engined Porsches are no doubt great cars but after the 993 I'm sure you'll very quickly get bore with them. Howabout an early 911 (like a SC or even earlier) , may be even LHD? Although not as fast and need more TLC, they do have bags of characters compared to 944/968.

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I'd stick to your company Renault and get something small, modern and fun. Or even a Smart. Chances are that if the car's powerful, £8K will buy you something that's old and with annoying stuff that needs doing to it.

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Hmm... VR6 Corrado, I had many(x6) of them as Company cars Loved every minute of them so thought would be nice to have some thing new !

Had many MK1 + MK2 Golf GTI's, 16v ect.. never had a rallye !

What price would an RS2 be ? (more than £8k?)

Would love a UR quattro but its finding one with low miles and little rust may be hard !!

But I want some thing fun....

keep the ideas coming :lol:


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Its not the power thing ! more of fun and will make me smile when driving it.

Could push £10k and get a early LHD Boxster !!??


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