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Nike says Just do it! with a C4S 993

Nishal Patel

1 Jul 2005
Well boys and girls

After reading and hearing about the 911, i bit the bullet and put a deposit down on a 1998 C4S 993, Arena red for £33K, 66K on the clock pending a Peter Morgan special.

It is completely original with BiXenon's fitted, minted interior and hands free Nokia kit. Full history service with Independent's recently (March 06), having clutch replaced at 46K, brakes at 56K, ArmourFend and the original CD21 audio!! and 2 new pzero's at the back to compliment that wide haunch. Few stone chips as expected.

Drove it and it felt solid, only worry was passenger side door didn't shut with a clunk and so thought about previously mentioned door strap problems.

So if this is the one, i will post her pics soon. Inspection on Tuesday and eagerly waiting for Mr Morgan to do the business.

Fingers crossed!!

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Good luck drnish, hope it work out for you, post some pics if it does, and remember the 911 is the ultimate car, other than the hoxster that is :eek:

Come to think of it drnish, r u sure u doing the right thing, I mean you could buy 3 hoxster's for the price of your 911.


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Massive congratulations - now you just have to deal with wanting loads of 911s! :D

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Well done mate, sounds like a good buy and good spec. I love Arena Red 8)
Hope the PPI goes well. One minor point though, no 993 had bixenons. High beam will be "ordinary" H1, only dipped will be Xenon.

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Just love the fat ass on them, sat behind a nice one last week, yum yum!


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Excellent news...........seems a fair price as well.

You'll love it - ENJOY!

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Think I looked at this car yesterday, down in West Sussex. It looked very nice, I noticed that it had the words varioram on the manifold? My 4S doesn't have this, and I know that the RS has it. Does it have the 3.8 engine upgrade, if so could be a lucky bonus?

I noticed a couple of things on the car, but I'm sure Peter will point them out, nothing serious though so don't worry. Looked very nice with the arena red and savanna sports seats.

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Met up with Peter Morgan today, lovely chap knows his stuff, well!!

We had a good look at the car together and he was impressed. A few things such as front right Xenon bulb needing replacing (absent on dip), a new battery (alarm keeps going off- check recent thread). Otherwise the car looks good to go for another 25K excluding other items which may need attention in the next year.

So finally i am a 993 C4S owner, the car is going to have these problems fixed at no extra charge and i will driving away in the sunset with a phat ass behind me.

Pictures coming soon to a (Owners cars) forum near you.

Thanks to forum members useful advice and pointers. The research does pay off and it does take 6 months and longer to find the right car (unless you have the wonga).

Perry- The varioram logo came in on the 1996-98 cars only- for cosmesis only

993 C2S- This lovely was pampered with after market BiXenon's by her previous owners- looks the business.

993 C4S Arena red- A phat ass!!

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Looking forward to the pics and that 'phat ass'..............here's one to keep you going.


Moving to Surrey this summer - will keep an eye out for you :wink:

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I have a 96 P plate C4S and it doesn't say varioram on the manifold. As I mentioned in the previous post, the only car I have ever seen the word varioram written on the manifold was the RS model?

Worth checking the option codes on the VIL stickers.

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Mine's a standard C4 (1997) and it says varioram (embossed in the alloy) on intake manifold


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