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NewCayman and its Brakes


New member
28 Sep 2013
Hello everybody, new poster here so go easy! My father in law bought a Cayman S (2011) about 2 months ago. He was always a car nut and when his specialist told him that if he had anything he really wanted to do, now was the time, he bought his gleaming white dream. Sadly, he passed away a few weeks ago leaving the car to my wife. She's not too well at the moment but has put us both on the Insurance and let me take it out for a proper drive yesterday.

Now I drive a Volvo T5, yes, I know. But it's cheap to run and reasonably quick. What amazed me about the Cayman was how much effort the brake pedal needs. I've owned Fiats with better assistance. So I come to you folks with the simple question, is it normal for a Cayman to require excessive pedal travel to stop the car? I did several 60-20 brakes on a quiet dual carriageway. I could activate the abs but it required a hell of a push. I've driven many different cars, new and old and a few supercars but nothing has had brakes that need as much effort as this. It's done 18K and is in immaculate condition.

On the plus side, the instant throttle response is absolutely addictive. The noise and pick up are utterly scintillating. No fun for a guy with big feet but the performance is just glorious!

Thanks folks,

Ian :)
Hi Ian and :welcome:

The brake feel at the pedal is a lot firmer than most modern cars which have heavy assistance. This is one of the things I love about my Cayman, it allows you to be really precise, especially mid corner. It also gives enough pedal pressure to heal and toe when braking lightly.

The pedal should be firmer than you're used to but the travel shouldn't be excessive. You should have brakes as soon as the initial travel is taken up. If you're saying that you have to push the pedal almost to the floor then yes there is a problem.
Thanks for the replies guys :) Regarding brake fluid, it's only done 17k? My old UNO did 200,000 miles without a brake fluid change! The pedal does effect as soon as the play is taken up, millimeters so I don't suspect any leaks in the cylinder. I suppose I'll get used to it but good to know it should be like that and you're right, it does allow for much greater control. Sadly the car has to go but a little fun is in order first I think :)
Brake fluid should be changed every 2 years. It's not a mileage related thing.

That said, as the car is only 2 years old I don't think it will make any difference to the feel you are experiencing.

More likely it's just 'normal'.

Get used to it and have fun - doing 17k in 2 years sounds your father-in-law did. :thumb:
Sadly, he only drove it for a month, 250 miles. Odd thing is it's had 3 owners from new. Maybe lack of toys, it's only got a radio!
Ian_Jones said:
Sadly, he only drove it for a month, 250 miles. Odd thing is it's had 3 owners from new. Maybe lack of toys, it's only got a radio!

:oops: Sorry, my mistake.

If f-I-l was one of the three it's not uncommon as lots of people buy and run this type of car as a first Porsche and then upgrade and/or buy one just run to scratch a motoring itch.
Ian many Cayman owners have exactly this concern. However having been through this recently here is my experience. One, get the brake fluid changed by an independent Porsche specialist. It should cost you about £60 which is money well spent. Then two live with the brakes for a while. You will soon adjust your leg to press more on the brakes to get the feel you are used to.

I hated the brake pedal when I first got my Cayman believing that there was something wrong with the brakes. I explored modification of the master cylinder to a gt3 one which would give greater feel. However I am very glad I didn't do this. I have gradually got used to the pedal and now don't wish to change it.

Change the fluid and stick with it is my advice.

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