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Newby with a dumb question

Dull Witch

Well-known member
11 Sep 2013
It seems that Porsche had a lot of black leather around at the time of the 964

I've seen "linen" and "grey" ,interiors too but no other options. I've had a good search on here and can't find many OE colours beyond those. We're there just the three colours for interiors or were there others (but unpopular)?

And I don't mean the "custom" stuff that might have been available :D

Has anyone done a full colour change for their interior (eg black to grey)?

Nope there were plenty - burgundy (popular in white cars) and blue again popular. Also grey and here was a nice shade of green and red I've seen so really the was a fair mix.

What I can say is the leather wears really well :thumb:

BTW welcome chum. What you got?
I don't!

I have bank manager approval for a purchase but she hates black interiors to cars so I either need to get lucky on a search or consider a visit to someone like Southbound to get the colour swapped over for a car that otherwise is in decent condition etc

Is there a site somewhere with pics of the interiors or colour swatches?

Not sure where to go for swatch pics but don't forget leather can be 'dyed' rather than changing it if its good condition. There is a chap on eBay who makes a fortune spraying up seats and selling them.

Limiting yourself by interior colour will narrow down your search as you need to buy on condition. Plus most non black leather cars I've seen have more age cracks than a Bedouin Tribesmans feet.

Personally I dont like black (blue even more so) but its what I could find at the time and the linen leather cars had poor leather condition.
There were plenty of Porsche leather colours, before we go into the special order ones. Everthing from Tan to Amazon Green is widely available. There should be a list somewhere :dont know:

Changing the colour of leather is a fairly straight-forward process, however i've been advised that changing black to lighter colours doesnt last too long.

If it were me i'd go on the condition of the car and all colour options will only improve once youre used to them!


Thanks for that... I must just be seeing loads of black or grey!

I've had a good search around but can't find RHD build data -964uk has US v RoW but no info on how many were built RHD

Is that info anywhere?

Thanks again!
Mine with its orginal burgundy fit when I bought it:

As it looks now in its black/burgundy mix. No dying, just changing seats, panels and carpets:

As it looks now in its black/burgundy mix. No dying, just changing seats, panels and carpets:

That looks great Steve :thumb:

Thanks Paul. :) Burgundy always seems tricky to photograph it can go from maroon to almost red depending on light. I was thinking of getting rid of all the burgundy but like the results of the two tone effect that I've created by accident. :mrgreen:

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