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17 Oct 2013
Hi guys, newbie here saying hello. Last month i was offshore on an oil rig and decided to buy a Range Rover sport 4.2 super charged of the internet without seeing it. I got home and handed over my 17k and drove it home (Nottingham). I tottled around in it and averaged 11mpg. I then drove it to Aberdeen and managed to get nearly 19mpg on the journey by driving like miss Daisy. Now i diddnt mind the fuel consumption and the car never missed a beat...but it just diddnt feel special. So iv sat at my PC offshore again and arranged a PX and put down a deposit on a 2006 Cayman S with 50k miles on it. Again i have done this without physically seeing the car...in general what are they like to drive ect. I had a Boxster S at one time but my fav car was my TVR Tamora which i miss..will the Cayman make me smile like the TVR without the worry of it falling to bits?
Hello huntert

that sounds like a thirsty, even for a high performance car. you wouldnt want to go to scotland and back for a weekend.

I have had a 996 albeit a tiptronic, which was a really great everyday driver.
I am selling this and I just bought 3 weeks ago a Cayman 3.4s 33k miles manual and Im really impressed with it. As its a manual it is a bit difficult to get a true comparison between the 996 and Cayman but I'm finding it a really good car that's a pleasure to drive, especially on the b roads and motorway. It's not too frugal with the fuel, circa 20 mpg in London village and high 20s on the Mway but still a great daily driver.

My only regret, not getting pasm or sports exhaust, BUT the sports exhaust is on it's way from Gert at Carnewal in Belgium and the pasm, I'll live without and just try to avoid too many knobbly roads :lol:

So far it's a pretty well spent 15k

Let us all know more about yours and Im sure plenty of peeps on here will give you honest opinions.

I had one loser on here who just took the pi$$ out of me to try to raise laughs for himself when I was telling all how happy I was with my purchase but I would say that 99% of forumites are normal and give a well balanced and honest opinion. Plus some really sound advice!

Good luck with it and tell us how you get on.

Cayman is a lovely car. I had it for almost a year, had no issues whatsoever. Very nice to drive, not thirsty and handles well.
As long as it is a well driven car, should not have any problems IMHO.
Please do keep us posted what you think :thumb:

I'm sure you'll enjoy the Porsche


I purchased My 3.4 Cayman S without driving it and i LOVE it best thing i have done for a long time. I live near Aberdeen and it a fine car. Winter tyres purchased for £1900 that th e only bad bit.

Have much fun

Hi guys and thanks for the replies, the one i have bought is a 2006 with 50k but i think its poverty spec with no toys its up for just short of 17k but its supposed to be immaculate. Ive only had the Rangey for about 4 weeks, and i am losing a few bob on it..but i think i wont of lost as much as it would of cost me to hire it for 4 weeks (thats the power of positive thought in action) :)
Im hoping at this kind of mileage any issues the car may or may not of had have been sorted and i get some fun reliable and reasonably economical driving done.
Mines pretty basic Spec apart from a nice colour and vgc all around so I wouldn't fuss too much about that. Still cost me 15k

I spent 800 quid on a double din Nav, Ive got a GT exhaust being fitted circa 800 quid all in and Im looking into wheel upgrade for a bit later (when the current tyres fade).

Mine also had 4 owners but again, not a deal breaker, as the service book all looked well stamped up and only 33 k miles so probably in some ways similar money to yours.

I don't think you will regret your purchase, they are pretty bland inside for such an expensive car but if you want comfy seats and bells and whistles then get a Mercedes sl or a jagwaar :lol:

what colour you got anyways?
The car before the Range Rover was an SL 55 amg....was great...but single figure MPG. My Cayman hasnt got NAV etc..is fitting one easy / worth the outlay? even when iv had cars with nav ( SL RRover Z4 ) iv still tended to use a Garmin unit.......
Im a surveyor so I tend to go to lots of appointment and addresses that I haven't been to in the past, so for me sat nav is important.
I got a Pioneer double din nav, with blue tooth etc, its pretty user friendly and with the colour coded trim it looks like it was always there.
Cost as I said was about 800-00 inc fitting.
I don't know if yours has the Bose system installed but if it has you may have fibre optic cables, which will add to the cost of the install (about 450 extra).

If you pm me your mobile I can send a pic message or give me an email and I'll email an image to you.
Update, the dealer contacted me yesterday to tell me that the Cayman had failed an inspection report (not one i had ordered) and couldnt be sold...i suspect this is a lie and they have just had a better offer on it. Anyway after doing a bit of research on the dealer..it appears that this isnt the first time they have done this...luckily they haddnt actually processed my card payment by this point.
Anyhow i did a bit more shopping on the net and have now put a deposit on and agreed a part x with my car on a 55 plate 70k miles black "S" this one has a few options such as nav...so hopefully i will pic it up on weds. The dealer says hes putting it into his local porsche garage for a pre sales check.

Just for your info..the first dealer was a called Junction 17
That could be a blessing in disguise, black looks pretty good and a factory nav does look nice.
Maybe you should ask Jct 17 for some sort of report that shows what the problem was, keep an eye on the website and see if it reappears, if it doesnt then I suspect you were right and they got a sale that didnt want to do px or something like that.

I recently nearly got caught with a cat C car and when I rumbled the dealer, the car suddenly became sold and disappeared.
Strange things happen in the world of car dealers, it's like a world it seems.

70k miles is no biggie unless you are a high mile driver and intend to keep it for more than a couple of years.
Well, took the plunge and picked up a 55 plate Black Cayman S today. Its got standrd 18s, sat nav, full leather, bose with cd changer, cruise, auto lights and wipers..and im sure there will be more. Drove my range rover from aberdeen to hudersfield where i did the deal with the CS and then drove that home to notts...im shattered lol

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