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Newbie with 997.2 4S Cab and lucky encounter with reindeer

997C4S Cab

New member
8 Dec 2013
Hi all!

After many years of searching and debating (with myself and wifey), I have finally realised my boyhood dream of owning a 911 :D

Having lived in Munich when the 993 was launched, this model has had and always will have a special place in my heart. Particularly the 4S, which I have driven a few times, is a huge favourite. However, after trying a 997 GTS 4 PDK Cab for a weekend last year, I was smitten. Unfortunately, they are few and far between here in Norway. Hence I have been on the lookout for a "regular" 4S of the Gen II model.

When a nice late 2009 4S PDK Cab with basalt black metallic, full leather natural tan interior, electric memory seats, only 27 000 km (17 000 miles) and with all the extras I wanted appeared on sale from a Mercedes dealer on the west coast, I gave him a ring. The car had been owned by a wealthy local individual for the past three years - no expenses spared, but missing the 4 year / 20 000 mile service. If I was willing to forego the service and the warranty, he was prepared to knock off 20%. Late autumn is not the best time of the year to sell cabs in Norway... As I wanted Porsche to do the service, I was sufficiently intrigued so flew across the mountains to have a look. The car was in stunning condition with almost all axtras bar heated steering wheel so I did not blink, but purchased it there and then.

Driving home, a 400 mile journey on some of the best driving routes in Europe, I really could test car. The weather was superb and with the cab down and the wind deflector in place, heated and ventilated seats on, Sport Chrono and PSE on and my home plotted in on the PCM 3, I had the drive of my life. Although the 4S is 23 BHP down on the GTS, I cannot say I noticed the difference. The only thing that caught me out was a herd of reindeer - in the middle of the road. However, the 4S' excellent brakes ensured that Santa still has sufficient power to pull his sledge 8)

Since then, the car has been serviced and, PCM upgraded, the roll-over bars checked and the whole car had a proper "once over" by the OPC. Everything is as it should be, bar the battery which is not original and should be replaced.

I have been an eager reader of nearly all the posts on this forum - so many, many thanks to you all! :worship: :worship:

A CTEK charger has been acquired and plugged into the 12V footwell outlet, ensuring that my beauty is always ready! The dealer sent me the winter tires by courier and with -8C and snow falling, we are ready for winter.

And apologies for the long-winded post, but after 20 years' impatience...

As a little PS
My wife has almost become as big a fan as I am - another one succumbing to the irresistable power of the 911 :thumbs:


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Nice car and scenery. Not seen any reindeer in se London this winter. Still looking. !!
Beautiful car, nice shine on it. Looks just like mine!
Welcome to the site, glad to see you will be using it through the winter too.
:welcome: :

No need to ask how you're feeling. Hope you have many happy miles driving your new toy, you certanly have the scenery for it.
Good pics.
:welcome: Andy,

Great first post. You'll fit in well on here. :thumb:
Many thanks for the replies and warm welcome!

Yes, I hope to enjoy it during the winter, but with salt and grit on the roads, I will be a bit selective. There is a New Year's day event in Oslo for cabs (of all makes) so weather permitting... I love snow, but envy you the "dirt-free" roads for most of the winter. With studded winter tires I come prepared (we had four inches of snow today).
Congrats and welcome :thumbs:

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