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Newbie Questions regarding OPC warranty and service items


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11 Aug 2011

My next service is not due for awhile, but I'm going to save up as I'd like to keep the cars service history with OPC.
The car I have bought has 1 years warranty left with OPC, and is due a major service plus plugs and a brake fluid change in one years too.

So as I understand it, a major service costs £610 + Brake fluid £150 + plugs £250.
Can I supply my own oil from Opie oils? Does this work out cheaper, or do people not bother if an OPC garage is servicing their car?

Will it void the warranty to supply your own service items?

Can I supply my own plugs? Which plugs do I need? Will this save much?

My car has FSH and can go as long as two years before its next service, so presume its using long life oil. The car has covered 32k miles, and is a 2006 C4S. I looked through the FAQ and tried to work out what oil I need, I will also ask Opie oils too? Do we get any forum discount with Opie oils?

I'm not sure if its worth putting the warranty on this time next year, as the point check may cost.
With it currently having warranty hopefully all and any faults are rectified before the warranty expires.

Want to enjoy the car, and keep it as healthy as possible, but also have a savings account to ensure when it is due a service, I can afford to keep the car :) I owned an Evo VI RSX boosted massively, and consistently had no money for my self, just the car and its running costs :frustrated:

Any tips or advice appreciated? I'm guessing Camskill for tyres is the best place, my car has new tyres all round (covered 4k miles of London driving), so should last a while yet!
Loving the car, and have a Mk V Gti with 270bhp, so was quick enough, but the 997 drives unlike any car I have ever owned, so many cars I owned, were not fun, the Porsche is, funny I drive it slower than most cars I owned too. Very much enjoyable, I laughed joking with the missus, I can't imagine enjoying any car more than the Porsche, or driving any other car, of course next house, second child in a couple of years will put a stop to that :sad: :dont know:
Welcome :thumb:

You've certainly started your ownership wisely by considering your ownership costs and keeping the car in tip top condition.

If you're a member of the PCGB you should be able to get 10% off at your local OPC. Even if you aren't you might get some discount even by asking.

I would keep extending your OPC Warranty as long as you can. Not only will it cover you against any major expenses its a nice selling point when you do decide to sell. The downside is that you need to keep the car standard and not modify it.

As for tyres, try Chris W @ Exel Wheels for tyres. He's a forum member. I can personally vouch for his professionalism and service and will no doubt give you a competitive price. Check out http://www.exelwheels.co.uk

Hope this helps
You can supply your own everything if you wish, but it must be the same items as OPC use. For oil that's easy, and Costco is a great place to get it cheap.
Ekona said:
You can supply your own everything if you wish, but it must be the same items as OPC use. For oil that's easy, and Costco is a great place to get it cheap.
Which oil do you use? Is it best just to speak to my local garage?
I'll check the last spark plug change to get a part number,it's just ensuring I do match like for like parts.
Just ask the service department to price match..it worked for me! saves the hastle of getting your own stuff.

PCGB membership gives you 10% discount at OPC's.

All the best.

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