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Newbie here !!! Bars open

28 Mar 2006
Evening all

Please let me by you a drink just to say Hi

I'm weeks away from buying my first Porsche, and my mind set changes daliy on spec and ideal requirement, private or trade OPC or specialist ect ect.

So far the things that are dead set are 996 as new as what 42500 will buy and must be tiptronic. not cabrio. I feel pcm is a must as it finish's the off. I need split folding rear seats...do they not all have them?????

Any other spec you feels a must please add

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Hi James and welcome. We're all up for a beer so you might find a steady flow of people coming to Yorkshire.

Soounds like you're in need of a 996 Targa but they're rarer than ***** from a rocking horse - there's only 3 or 4 on here and only 2 of us are regular posters. They definitely have folding seats and that useful opening hatch to go with them.

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Hi James,

Welcome to the site,

£42500 will buy you a really nice 996, so much to chose from,

if it is as new as possible then my choice would be:-

2003 model year, 996C4S, with the following spec, PCM2, Sunroof, bose, black leather, phone module, Xenons.

It will come standard with PSM.

Millage to aim for is 20k 30k miles for your price range.

Exterior colour, IMO Silver/Grey/Black/Lapis

Allthough if you are more extrovert then Yellow and Guards look nice.

Good luck,

And any advice, come to the forum and you will receive plenty.


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Cheers Guys

Had considered a Targa, but......not sure about the rattle factor, i've an SLK at the moment and it rattle to death, not actual the roof but all the stuff needed to make it move that rattles.

So this split rear seat thing is it an option or not if so do most people have it or not. :? :? :? :? :? :? :? :? :? :? :? :? :? :? :? :? :? :? :? :? :? :? :? :? :? :? :? :?

I've seen a nice one at Indiviualcars.co.uk (leeds)

My eyes are going screwey from tinternet lookig at autotrader and topmarques any where else i should be looking (a partfrom on here)

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Look as close to home as you can, invairiably the car that you find after you travell hundreds of miles looking will be the one in a garage down the road.


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Always good to have a new member. You will definately get a nice car with that, again I would aim for the C4S too. Check the link to the indie's at the bottom of the page - they are always good and a bit cheaper than OPC.

Not sure if the split rear seat thing is an option. All the 996s I have seen have it.

The one at Leeds is nice - I think the 4s come with PSM (someone correct me if I am wrong), although you may be able to find one with a few less miles!

Good luck! :D

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Hi James

I'll echo that with your budget, the C4S would be the way to go. Basically turbo everything apart from the blowers and the rear wing air intakes. This includes things like full leather interior (not just the seats) which reduces the plasticky look that some folks feel looks cheap on the standard model 996. Look for a 2003 model car as that should have PCM2 (the second level stereo/sat nav) which is a vast improvement over the PCM1 on 2002 cars and older. A couple of us are bemoaning not having the Porsche switchable sports exhaust as its an expensive barsteward to retro fit, but if you're into aural sex, its a must. Good luck on the hunt and keep us posted how you get on.

something like this is what you should aim for


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Where in Yorkshire are you?

I visit Sheffield every 2 wks so if your a resonable distance away i will call round so you can see if the C4S is for you, the spec mentioned above is what i've got here.

I'm not selling, just happy to help and spend hours talking about why you should buy one.

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Has to be a C4S !!

Big Air Ducts on the front spoiler look really Macho !

Small Air vents on the rear spoiler, look pretty good too !!

Only on the C4S


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Cheers Guys

Hell I hope I can find a C4s that fits my spec and budget or you guy's are going to realy mad :wink:

The search will continue slthought i may pop and see the c4 at leeds this weekend.

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Do you really want/need 4 wheel drive, extra weight and understeer James or is PSM the only driver aid you need? (cue Sundeep and a rant about real men, Jack Brabham and electronic, get out of gaol free cards)

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Hoi Seagull checky git, what would you know about understeer in a Targa, I am surprised that you get off the start line with the kind of weight youve got.

0 - 60 in a targa now let me think 5.5 seconds isnt it, cos of the extra weight :wink:

And Sundeep knows better than to dis driver aids, CSL's ehh Sundeep :wink:


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5.2 if you please - same as a cab - that's if you don't spin the clutch - sorry, you wouldn't know about that with 4WD :twisted:

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Everybody look! The lardy arse Targa is having a fight with the self driven car! :p :wink:

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