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Newbie after a 4S / TT. My thread on progress


New member
29 Nov 2013
Hi all

just thought I'd introduce myself and start a thread on my search of a 996 4S or TT.

996 n/a prices have drawn me to 911 ownership but I have become suitably freaked out by the IMS/ Bore score/ horror stories to reconsider my original budget and consider turbo ownership.

Am keenly scouring the classifieds for a 4S that's been seen to wrt the abovementioned or a sound turbo. Any potential purchase will be inspected by Peter Morgan.

Was thinking of going to see this one. Thoughts welcome (poss. known to the club?)


Looks like a real bargain - and already has a Tubi zorst! :thumb:

(Ignore any "anal gang" comments about the mileage - 90,000 is nothing :roll: )

P.S. Welcome :bye:
The car you've linked to has already been discussed on here and iirc the consensus was that it looked a good value for money car.

It's probably that price because of (a) the time of year and (b) the mileage.

IMO the seller has found out the trade value and has priced his accordingly. There's not many around at that price so, subject to all the usual cautions [read the 996 forum for dozens of recent cheap Turbo posts], it may be a great buy.

Good luck :thumb:
Take it for a drive, it can't do any harm, honest,

No really honest..javascript:emoticon(':grin:')
I bought mine with 95k on and its been excellent.

Tubi exhaust also sounds amazing, quiet if you want then balls out when you open the taps.

Low mileage cars can often just be neglected as the low miles dupe the owner into thinking it doesn't need maintenance. Cars just sat there deteriorate, and if all they've got is a service history with mileage intervals then your asking for trouble imo. Always chit on condition.
thanks for welcomes and comments

Ordinarily I would think the mileage a little on the high side but the mentioned comprehensive history (to be checked thoroughly of course), reasonable owners (and previous ownership period) and expert comments about longevity of the turbo block have maintained my interest.

Not sure how the 996 chassis wears mileage otherwise (paintwork, creeks and rattles inside etc.) but appreciate its as much how it was driven as how far.

Will hopefully arrange for a viewing this weekend and report back.

also, should you folks come accross a decent manual turbo or C4S that's had its bores recently inspected, I'd be interested to hear more. Please feel free to PM me!

Hi folks

just an update that I went to see the car today and generally was happy but did notice a few things. I was hoping to have a PMorgan inspection done but have just been told by the receptionist that they don't do to the Kent/ Dover area!

So a bit at loss about having it insepcted. It's been serviced by Prosche Tonbridge who I understand are a good bet for PPIs but I appreciate the COI with having the servicing dealer inspecting the car. Thoughts welcome on this!

Negatives outside of usual wear and tear below. I should add the owner is a friendly straight-up guy which is always a positive when buying these types of car.

>light washers in-operative
>non n-rated tyres (Falkens. Rears need changing anyway)
>brake discs corroded
>unusual drill type noise from engine bay when car was started for about 5 seconds that went away
>rear boot lid alignment. Is uniform against the body and window but tight against the right light cluster. Both light clusters look correctly aligned - real odd one this
>invoices only present for servicing by current owner. Nothing in there about clutch/ suspension work. At 91k it must have had a clutch and if on original suspension that's probably due. No knocks or bangs or wondering on test-drive

as mentioned. Any tips about a PPI would be most welcome. Just about to give Tunbridge a call to get a feel (albeit potentially biased) of the car from the dealers perspective

La Rose Porsche Ltd
Chaucer Business Park, Watery Lane,
Kemsing, Sevenoaks, Kent TN15 6PL

Tel: 01732 763333

A friend of mine had his 996 Turbo PPI's by them - they were thorough and knew what they were doing. I think it is lady called Dee you need to speak to.

I'd be worried about the alignemnt issue you highlighted and the car generally would not stack up for me - I'd walk away and forget spoending money on a PPI. The caar has to tick a lot of boxes before I'll reach for a PPI. I'd walk but I'm not you and don't know your budget.
thanks, La Rose are a good hr from where the car is based so may be difficult to get down. I'll research some more. Really disappointed that PM doesn't cover Dover; total oversight on my part.

Yeah, I think a clean one is 25k and this one is cheaper but not a bargain; more fairly priced to its condition.

I'm okay with the little chips and marks and the wear associated with a 90k car and he's factored in the brakes and tyres as part of our negotiations.

I think its just that noise on start-up and the rear hatch alignment that has me thinking. And that there is no mention of clutch and suspension work in the history

My plan of action is go ahead with the PPI and get their view on the abovementioned aswell.

thoughts welcome and I'll keep you informed :)
thanks, still a bit of a trek but I think I'll have to speak with the seller and explain my position and see how he feels. Appreciate you guys taking the time to suggest some potentials :)

btw, the acceleration is intoxicating and impressed with the razor sharp steering. Expected it to be a little numb as forum readings suggest the C2 has the edge for steering feel. Really not sure how it could get better than the turbo's feel!


The drill noise you talk about is normal, its the Secondary air pump heating the cats and lowering emissions on a cold start, they all do it. The good news is this signifies the seller hadn't prewarmed the car before you turned up, they only do it from a complete cold start
You could try the RAC for a PPI.

The fella that bought my C2 had them do it, far more thorough than Peter Morgan - he did a PPI on a Boxster I sold about five years ago.

Edited to add that it wasn't one of their Roadside monkeys that did the PPI, the fella had been with the RAC for years.
thanks shantybeater, that's a real load off to hear! V. grateful for this forum already with a just a few posts.

Peter Morgan has kindly given me a contact (Gary Harris) that may be willing to come down to Dover so I'll try him first. Failing that I'll speak to the seller about one of the abovementioned PPI specialists and failing that, may consider a RAC check.

Spoke with the Tunbridge who confirmed the car had been serviced by them for the last few years (corroborates the later paperwork on file) but as expected they couldn't comment about recommendations or eimminent work.

hopefully updates tomorrow with a PPI plan :)

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