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Newb lookin for a little history


28 Apr 2013
Hi Andy,

And :welcome:

You have obviously done some research about the sellers given your comments. How much have you done?

I don't know them at all, but I have had cause to look them up fairly recently. I am not one for besmirching anybody's reputation and tend to make my own mind up depending on my own dealings with people, but I have rarely come across a garage with so many seriously negative comments!

I would do some more research; forewarned is forearmed!

There are even Solicitors on the internet, using their representation of them and their successful acquittal in a Trading Standards Prosecution as advertising!

Remember that to be acquitted the jury just have to be "not sure" of guilt!

I don't know your background but I wouldn't venture near there without an expert independent.

It is still a lot of money and there are many dealers out there with impeccable reputations.

As I say, I wouldn't damn anybody without my personal experience demanding it, but be very careful!

And good luck with the search.
I've done all the research I can, I did that years ago when I was looking to buy my skyline, it didn't come from them.

I'm just waiting for someone to come along and say something like 'I wrapped that car round a tree last year,they've managed to buy it un recorded and fix it up' sort of thing.

I'm a mechanic by trade but went for the money and work on trains, still more than capable of checking it over but it would be nice to know a little more about it before I go wasting time and petrol.

maybe a leopard can change it's spots :?:
I decided to avoid that one, its probably just as important to be careful choosing the right dealer as it is choosing the right car.

If you live close, they might be worth a visit to see what a 19k turbo is like. I very much doubt it will be a car you would happily pay that amount of cash for.
think I'm going to pass on that one, everyone I know and every bone in my body keeps shouting NO

I'm 33miles away according to autotrader but I think that's 'as the crow flies', proabably about 50m / 2 hours in real life traffic around Leeds and Bradford.
I did a little research after the last thread on here & found quite a few bits on other forums too.

It seems that their recent history isn't much better either.

Personally I'd avoid them, after all there are plenty more out there to choose from.

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