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New Windscreen


New member
5 Feb 2004

I need to replace the windscreen on my 1996 993 C4, the Insurance covers this but want me to use Autoglass. Has anyone any experience of using them, I am concerned that I will end up with the dreaded 993 windscreen squeak (yet another of those wonderful features on these "superbly" designed cars)!

Any help / advice would be much appreciated.



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I had my 993 windscreen replaced by Autoglass. No complaints at all.

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I heard sometime ago that OPC glass ie original 993 glass is softer than Autoglass ones. They pit easier but don't tend to crack as easily.

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I had to use Autoglass - they went to my car while in an OPC paintshop. I have had no problems so far.

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Autoglass replaced the windscreen on my 993 - Problems so far:

Glass not fitted correctly - rubber inner and outer seals not seated correctly. The glass appears to be slightly askew, this could be as a result of the inner rubber not being correctly positioned

Black gunge (glue) holding windscreen in looks as if its been applied by a two year old

Black gunge on passenger seat and handbrake - where they have tried to clean it they have removed the surface of the leather on the handbrake.

I took the car back immediatley after it was done as the outer rubber was not covering the window aperture at the bottom where it meets the scuttle as the glass was fitted too high. They "pulled" the glass down but it has still not solved the problem. The only plus point is the glass hasn't got the dreaded 993 squeak!

All in all I'm not too impressed and have spoken with Autoglass and am waiting for the manager to call me back, which won't be until tomorrow. I have said that I want:

The glass refitted correctly

The black gunge applied correctly

And the damage to the leather and handbrake made good.

All this after they assured me that they had done Porsches before. You live and learn but I would be wary of using them again and if the Insurance hadn't insisted on it I wouldn't have used them this time.


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Percy - do you know what it cost?

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No idea, but when talking with fitter prior to it beinmg fitted I got the impresion that it would be around £250 - £300 for the glass and seals etc.


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Thanks - I've got a small stone chip hole on the passenger side and if it grows I shall have to replace. I'll think twice about Autoglass!

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Well as I said above I have had no problems with them...... infact I was thinking what a tidy job they did.

It all depends on the individual fitters.....

I had a bad experience with Wicked Wheels - others have had good results.....

These companies need more control and need to keep checking the work of the staff who work for / represent them.

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The squak was not always apparent on every car, so you may still be lucky. If not, you can go to the OPC and get them to provide some of the (teflon?) tape that they placed between the screen and the rubber surround that caused the squeak. Then get Autoglass or whoever to fit this at the same time. This is all it needs to stop the squeak but for anyone who is doing this, it is worthwhile. Saves all the hassle in the long run, and what's to say your car didn't, but now will squeak...?


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I had a call from the manager at Autoglass 8.00am this morning. They have accepted full responsibility for the windscreen and damage to the trim and will rectify all the problems. This is good news but I would have preffered it to have been right first time.

The manager believed the problems where caused by:

1. Incorrect fitting procedure ( apparently there is a specific way to apply the glue and trim and this was not done)

and / or

2. Glass possibly a couple of mm too small

They have now ordered new trim and glass from the OPC and will refit next week.

I will keep you updated


PS To add insult to injury the windscreen leaked this morning as well!

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Final update for anyone interested:

Autoglass have now refiited the screen. They replaced the inner seal, the teflon tape, the outer rubber and the glass. The finish is now excellent and the there appears to be no sqeaks, leaks or rattles so I am pleased. The work was done by the manager, the original fitter and another"senior" fitter!

They have also restored the damage that was done to the handbrake and passenger seat so that it is as good as new.

All in all I am now very happy with the result, my only thoughts are that if they can do it properly now why couldn't they get it right the first time?

To anyone thinking of using Autoglass then make sure:

That they have use the correct fittings (the second lot for my car came from Porsche, I think the first ones may have been after market)

The fitters check the Autoglass technical library as it has valuable info on fitting these screens

That Autoglass assign one of the senior fitters to the job and that he has an assistant as it takes two to seat the screen correctly

...and finally don't let them fob you off with any excuses for poor workmanship. They can do the job properly and well if they try. I should say that the manager was excellent and at no time did he try to fob me off or not accept full responsibility for the work.



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