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New windscreen required


New member
13 Mar 2022
Ladies and gents, some advice please?

I've got a couple of chips in my windscreen and it needs to be replaced.

Insurance is with LV and they use AutoGlass. When speaking to them, they say that the replacement will be like for like replacement. What does that actually mean in reality and does it matter?

Has anyone got any hints and tips on what I need to ask/question or anything else for that matter?

Sorry, probably quite a random post, esp on a Friday.
My father in law is on his 6th Autoglass 'like for like" windscreen in just 2 years on a 4 year old BMW. You only have to look at them the wrong way and they crack!

Trouble is they seem to have the Insurance market to themselves.
I am with LV and had a broken screen on my Cayman GTS about 18 months back.

Initially they were going to fit one of their pattern parts but I said that as my car was under warranty I would need a genuine Porsche screen.

They were very good and agreed that the windscreen suppliers which I think was National windscreens would do this.

I was still worried slightly, but guys came and fitted genuine Windscreen and made a tidy job.
I've no idea how LV are with these but good luck. Friend of mine has a 4 year old RS4 with HUD and heating, Admiral wouldnt' authorise an OEM screen as the car is more than 3 years' old and that's in their T&Cs.
I had a new windscreen fitted in my 997.1 C4S last year by National Glass (I'm insured with Aviva , that's their regular supplier)

I was told it would be an OEME screen;

I subsequently found out that OEME means "Original Equipment Manufacturer Equivalent"

They clarified that it's the same screen as OEM (actually made by the same glass manufacturer) but does not have the name "Porsche" or the logo etched into the glass.

I insisted that they do it in their workshop by their best fitter rather than by mobile fitter and they said they had a specialist who does all of the "premium" car refits (Porsche Ferrari, etc) and he did a good job and all has been fine.
I had a screen fitted in 2013. I read loads of horror stories at the time about whistling screens and poorly fitted screens causing issues. So I was asking loads of questions and making sure they knew what they were doing.

Turns out they did a great job and my incessant questioning of their ability was unfounded. Don't believe what you read on the Internet.


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In my limited experience, much depends on the fitter - which you can't control.
Be polite, make them cups of tea etc (which you can control) and hopefully all will be well.
Autoglass did mine, did a great job as far as I can see. I think that there are limited aftermarket options for windscreens for the 9X6 and 9X7 platforms so you tend not to get the rubbish that can get fitted to your fiesta or focus etc.

It is so lovely driving a car with a new windscreen especially if the previous one has chips or scratches, like driving in HD!
Autoglass fitted a new screen to mine a couple of weeks ago, couldn't fault them or the windscreen fitted, very pleased and I'm really picky! They came out the previous week to look at windscreen and car and make sure they ordered the correct one with the aerial in the correct position, then sent out their more experienced fitter. As already discussed, made him cups of tea and all went perfectly.

I think my original screen could've been the actual original fitted to the car 20 years ago and was therefore quite badly scratched - its made such a difference having the new screen fitted!!

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