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New Wheels! The Yellow one that became red! (New Pic's)


17 Jun 2012
Well guys

Pick up my new 997 on the weekend , bit of an odd one but here goes....

As you know I was intending to buy the yellow 997 , I had seen the car but had not driven it etc or carried out any proper checks but it was very clean. The seller had implied a price he wanted to achieve and explain that would be the bottom price after much umming and arring regarding it I felt it was the best option. It was great spec and low miles, I had viewed a red one this week and felt that the small price difference the yellow presented better value.

I had some reservations on speed yellow as when seeing pictures online it look much like the rich mustard colour my Exige was , on first viewing I was left a little disappointed that it was much lighter and a little washed out but I still liked the colour. After viewing the red 997 I explained via email that I would be proceeding with the yellow one, as I felt the price difference was issues and basically I gave the seller a "go away price" never expecting him to accept :oops: .

Well Friday morning arrive and I flicked on the iPad to check the latest 911's for sale just I case as we do, anyway a email was in my in box form the other seller saying he would be accepting my rather low "go away price"! Ekk suddenly I had an issue :dont know:

Well it made no sense to proceed with yellow 997 I had to buy the red one! It was fantastic condition great history and I much preferred the red ! Also the seller had a bucket of spare parts including spare 2 front splitter , original lights , 19" Carrera Sport alloys , the overall price gap was pushing close to 5k which taking in account everything made much more sense!

After an intense 3 hour viewing going over everything I could think of I purchased her and am sooooooo In love with it and really glad I went for the red over the yellow! Just keeping going to garage to look at her


56 plate
Factory Aero Kit
Fdsh, recent new clutch. Water pump, AOS, brakes, start motor etc etc, last bill was 3k! :eek:
Pse, Nav, Hardback Seats, sports seats, red seat belts, extended leather, Bose, Sports Cron , iPod/aux etc etc really good spec upgraded gt3 gaiter and short shift kit, upgraded gen2 style front and rear light, gt3 RS front splitter
19 Turbo alloys currently, going back on the sports.
Am the 3rd owner

Well was a crazy 24 hour deciding what to do , but really felt I made the right choice.

Do not have any pictures really yet due to the terrible weather the only one I have is when on the day myself and the wife stopped for a spot of lunch , new pics coming soon :)




  • image_644.jpg
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Good choice pal, red is awesome and definitely the new (old) NEW colour to have IMO,,

I picked mine up last week and the attention is unreal , driving home i had people taking pictures on there phone, and in the service station a little kid asked me if i play for Man United :floor:

look forward to seeing some more pics , might help me to decide whever to keep my splitter red or change to a black one


defo get the sport wheels on 8)

congrats on a new beauty
Interesting story and glad you got a good deal and (from what you say) a great car!

Look forward to seeing more pics.

Carrera Sports will look great on it too.

Congrats and enjoy :thumbs:
Great choice of colour!
From what I can see..... Looks v cool.
Loving the aerokit and the dark alloys.
Well guys a nipped outside to take a couple of pics, not the best ones as shes a bit dirty and waiting to go in her garage (current has a bathroom sitting in it ) :eek:

Hope you like her , on the weekend am going to give her a nice clean and take some decent pictures :D

P.s and before anyone asks... am not selling the flower pot :lol:
Looks great and spec is very good, Enjoy.

That's a beauty - I would recommend fitting mesh grills to the front air intakes - stone damage to condensers/radiators can prove to be costly

looking good with the aero kit :thumb:
Very, very nice indeed. Congratulations on a great car with great spec.

I really want an Aerokit now. And I've decided I prefer cars that DON'T have LED and DRL. I am slightly biased as mine is a 997.1 too, but still they are hideous and on everything, including wheel barrows. :eek:

Post a pic with the Carrera Sport wheels on too. :)
Hmmm 997's in unusual/ classic colours It's catching on at last lol
Very nice enjoy :D
Gollom122 said:
Lush Car - Snap :welcome:

Gollom love it, just fitted my Carrera Sports today ... Interesting I have a top gt3 grill that the seller gave me ... Could I see some other pics of your car front end?

Cheers Paza
here's one next to the bins.

I'll take some tomorrow. The conversion was done by previous owner. You need to be aware there is sight of the bumper frame which should get a black coat of paint over the galvanized metal. Looks like previous owner stuck black gaffa tape over instead - but got to be right over the grill to see it.


  • dsc_0179_520.jpeg
    188.3 KB · Views: 6,856
Looks fantastic basically what my car will look like with it done! just not sure am man enough to chop the bumper up! kinda no going back :dont know:

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