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New Toy to Upgrade

Charlie heeley

30 Jun 2005
I have just bought a new toy/project which I am looking to do a few subtle upgrades to. Its a 3.2 and I was thinking of a sport box and free flow induction. Has anyone else made a few changes to theirs that have made a difference that is noticeable.

Any other tips and opinions would be great.

P.S Subtle upgrades.....I'm not trying to build a dragster with superchargers and 4000000BHP.

Suns out got to go and get the car out.

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Ive got 4 cardboard boxes that I can give you............gives an instant 100bhp :wink:

welcome back Charlie :D

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Crikey Rodders....I told you I only wanted a subtle upgrade.

Trying a different tac this time after the C2S and going to see what I can do with a 3.2. Bought it yesterday and the car is superb in a fast tractor type way different to my old 930 but great fun to play about in. Just want to free up some lazy horses in the engine room now.

Play time is starting for me again.

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Sounds like a fun project.

I'd also consider going down the RS/CS route- "for performance add lightness", ?I think, Colin Chapman paraphrased...

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Already done! its all been 964RS converted inside and out except for cage and seats. Its quite light already but back seats are off to reside in the cupboard along with some other things. Suspension and strut brace are all sorted and handling is superb but now its time for the engine to get some work done to do it justice. I am feeling a good fun day/track day car growing.

I drove an autofarm SC to 964RS conversion the other day only had a 3.0l engine but not much would keep up with it. So fast, most of the body work nearly fell off.

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thought you went to Spain to live?

you back, or was I mistaken?

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I came back....long story. But it worked out better for me in the end. So Bristol is my home once again and now back getting my hands dirty playing with cars. How are you?

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Exhaust & Air Box, as you have rightly mentioned

Then how's about different wheels ?

what about adding xenons ?

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Anyone recommend a good exhaust system. Probably go for a K&N free flow cone filter.

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