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New to tuning the 996 Turbo


New member
12 Jul 2011
Hi folks,

So I've bought a Kline exhaust and air filter, I'm looking to buy a pair of intercoolers and then have it mapped.

Firstly which intercoolers can people recommend?

Do I need an uprated Map sensor?

And which diverter valves shall I get?

Sorry for all the questions, but I'm new to this with the porsche, so with the above mods what bhp/torque figures am I looing at? My car is a 51 plate manual 420bhp car.

Many thanks.

Honestly good exhaust + remap alone will transform the car a lot. Depending on what you want power wise Bigger i/c are to be use when you start to tune much more ( bigger turbos , improve intake ....). Concerning DV's you can stick with the Bosch 710 , they are good and not expensive and maintenance free....
On a healthy car you can reach not far off 500 ponnies.
996 3.6 Turbo GT2

462 hp std

550 hp

620 NM std

740 NM




If they are claiming 550BHP on a 996 GT2 with just a re-map they are talking utter bollcocks :floor: :hand:

Fit a miltek exhaust, K&N filter and get it remapped by Wayne at chipwizards or the guys at west tuning.

You will have about 470/480 BHP and no headache
I do think the figures stated were slightly high, however as I can now get it half price it means that I'd only have to folk out another £360 to have it mapped as well.
N44APA said:
I do think the figures stated were slightly high, however as I can now get it half price it means that I'd only have to folk out another £360 to have it mapped as well.

"slightly high"......... :grin:

My advice is to take to one of the guys I mentioned(phone Ray at west ) or Wayne at Chipwizards) Both have rolling roads and know these cars better than most, with regards to mapping/tuning.

There are horror stories of EML's, rough running, detonation related issues on Turbo's after some re-maps. A badly tuned car can also throw a valve and/or fail emissions at MOT(utter headache)

You get what you pay for when it comes to these cars and some re-maps can turn them into "grenades"

100/200 Cel Exhaust + Filter + QUALITY remap by a QUALITY remapper = fun and relaibility. These guys check wastegates, DV's MAF's hoses etc beforehand(and after). Other's don't care.

Dont waste your time with bigger/GT2 IC's and if your DV's are ok leave them alone.

Change oil and filter every 6k miles/6 x months on mapped cars. Clean filter every 3k miles as they gulp lots more air after a tune

With std K16's you will still get decent power.

That's a fair point, has anyone had any experience with AMD Technik, they are only about 45 minutes from me and everywhere else seems much further.
....don't forget that if your clutch is nearing the end of its life a remap usually kills it off.
MRCtuning.com 8)
quattrosteph said:
MRCtuning.com 8)

+1 Excellent tuning house - they know turbo'd cars inside out.
wizard993 said:
Nearly £1k for a custom tune eh......best speak to Wayne or Ray at West :thumb:

Why is it best to speak to them? Do you know for sure that their map would be better than an MRC map??
Is it good for a 4 wheel drive car to be stuck on a 2 wheel rolling road? Not much air being diverted into the intercoolers either?
Can't be good for the car.

Just an observation?
If you look at the back of the car there are two large pipes to the intercooler exits, the intercoolers don't care which way the air flows.
To run on a 2wd RR just disconnect the propshaft.


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