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New to board, another one!


New member
26 Feb 2007
Well after finally getting first Porsche last week ( 2002 Carrera 4 Cab ) loved the engine note but had to update the HiFi this weekend, two amps hidden away near battery with front, rear and sub, impressed what sound can come from the car and drowning out the engine slightly now:-( One thing I miss is reversing sensors, are these a job that anyone could attempt or better leaving to professionals? A friend told me that the sensor holes are pre marked on the bumper inside so was wondering if anyone has had a go? Happy with everything else, HiFi sounds great, just need to be careful reversing and not look a pratt by opening the door all the time to see how far I've got to go!

Thanks for any help!

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Welcome to the forum - another cab is always welcome!

I wouldn't try the parkign sensors yourself. A new bumper will cost over £1K if you make a mess of it. Better to get a proffesional to do it, IMO.

Get a PSE and that will get your engine note back - no problems.

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welcome colin

reverses sensors !! nothing would be pre marked, one for the pro's I think

I use reflections in windows if I can otherwise large spaces !

hope to see pics of your motor


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I think David M just installed some fancy number plate surround with parking sensors in it... David?

Oh, and welcome! :)

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Welcome Colin, looks like we'll have to have a mini-meet in the Royal county as there seems to be a few of us around

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Welcome Colin, hang around for a good laugh!

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Welcome Colin.

Show us some pics... Please!

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How on earth did we all manage before parking sensors?

I don't have any currently - and yes I do sometimes get out to check....

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The worst thing is when you have a car with the sensors as well as one without... it's very easy to forget you've not got them, and reverse waiting for the beepbeepbeep...

I like the safety aspect of them after the horror stories of people reversing over their toddlers :(

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Welcome. Yes...I have just installed reversing sensors but using a frame for the number plate which has one sensor either side. Not full coverage but better than nothing.

I will post a picture later.

Only problem I have at the moment is that the control module and speaker are in the engine bay which even at low RPM make the speaker fairly unaudible.

Needs to find an easy route to get the wires from the engine bay into the cabin. Any help appreciated.

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Thanks for the welcome!
Will post pictures when I get back to UK, have the car a week and wife gets to drive it :-(
So seems I got spoint by Mercedes and BMW ( only a little!) and the C4 has no cup holders, see that later 996's have slightly different trim around the radio, can I retro fit?



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