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New suspension.


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29 Jun 2013
Im planning on upgrading my suspension soon and was looking for some info as I will tackle this myself. I have seen a few write ups and my question is, Do I need to remove the wheel carrier at the front and disconnect the drive shaft as its a C4 or is it just a case of removing the caliper etc the sway bar bolt and the 3 strut mount nuts then remove? Any help appreciated.

No idea, but please bear in mid the geo will need doing after any suspension tinkering. If you are not that mechanically adept, consider out-sourcing the work to a good indy. The incremental cost will only be the labour - and at £45-£60 per hour it is cost-effective to let an indy handle it in my view.
very do-able if you are reasonably keen and able. I changed all the springs a few months ago on my C4.

I can't remember it all but ti's a bit more involved being 4wd. I took the front hubs off with the suspension which meant I would have had to disconnect all the joints.

The car will need alignment after as the font struts are removed. I marked the position on the inner wing carefully and re-assembled that way. I haven't had it done yet - but I will soon.

I suppose you could get a garage to do it - but I enjoy working on my car - part of the hobby/ownership experience for me.

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