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New seats or restore the leather ?


31 Dec 2002
the only downside (so far !) of my forthcoming 993 is that the front seats are showing the age of the 140k kms the car has driven !

options... get a new (prob' too much ) or good condition used sets .. but from where ?

or renovate the leather.. but with what.... ? (the drivers sides are very worn, bit of white showing ! and it's pretty much crease city everywhere else !)

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What about getting Southbound to re-trim and possibly restuff them. Should work out a lot cheaper than buying new or even used. Do a search on the forum for their contact details.

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I know someone who has just had his car seats recovered by Southbound at a cost of £1000. Fantastic job but expensive.

You would be able to pick up new seats from some of the specialist breakers or alternatively have you seats re-connolised. I have gone done the latter route in the past and as long as you get a quality company to do it the results are great.


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cheers but a tad too expensive as there were a set for £450 only last week !

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Sundeep, I don't know a great deal about Porsches yet but I do know about leather seats.

Unless you have got a large number of tears, then I would have the leather dyed and retreated. Sometimes called Connolising. This will restore the abraded areas on the bolster to a new condition. Remember the leather has been dyed already (it's not that colour on the cow).

If you do have the seats recovered you will pay a lot of money to get them looking as good as the original OE seat covers.


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