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New purchase & first drive


28 Feb 2012
Hi newbie here;

Been lurking and using this great site to gather info. whilst trying to decide on a buying a 996 or 964 to join my Boxster S. Eventually I made up my mind and last weekend I spotted this 964 Targa 4 for sale;


Advised at £ 10K it Looked to good to be true; my favourite colour and one owner for a long time. High mileage true, but rebuilt engine/clutch and a very big service history. Spoke to the owner on Monday, who seemed a nice chap and gave me lots of info on the car/reason for selling.

I knew I had to move quickly so I got a flight over to the UK (I live in SW France) on Tuesday and had a viewing of the car & test drive. Fantastic! Original paint in reasonable condition so nothing hidden, small patch of rust by the filler cap but otherwise very clean and tidy.

I had already got a verbal report from JAZ that the car had been very well looked after (engine rebuilt etc. all by them). So I took a punt and and did a deal.

Left my parents house in Cheltenham at 6am yesterday morning and arrived home (near the French Pyrenees) at 11pm the same day; A total of 850 miles. The weather was terrible, torrential rain and standing water on the motorways, but the car didn't miss a beat, felt so solid and planted on the road. Now I know what you have all been talking about; The sound, the smell ...

As first drives go it wasn't the most scenic, but the car promises a lot of fun to come! Now just need to give her a very good clean and get all of the salt from the roads off!

Please excuse the epistle! I am just very happy to have joined the 964 club.

I was looking at this car Wils , i have just sold my 964 and am planning on getting another one next year , i am not usually a fan of Targas but this particular car changed my mind , its a real beauty it looks great , i am missing that sound and the smell of quality , you will find that your whole garage now has a wonderful whiff in the mornings when you open the door , they are just brilliant cars , hope you enjoy it , congrats . Keith
looks like a really genuine car... great choice!!

..and welcome! (from a 993'er :thumb: )
Welcome to the 64s club

All 3 of my first 911 drives were in dreadful weather ,it builds rapport very quickly :grin:

Get some pics up :thumb:
Welcome to the 964 club Wils, nice looking Tagra :D I think there all great looking cars.
Hey Wills, welcome and got to say great looking car. Very similar to my Targa C4 in all but colour.

Guessing you'll see a bit more topless action than me with your weather!

Let us know how you get on and drop some pics with some scenery when you get chance.

And what a good deal. That car was very cheap!! Looks great too..

Targas are not appreciated by the market right now...whihc makes them more affordable but I think their time will come. Enjoy the car..
Hi Wils

Many congrats on a great looking car. Hope to meet up some time to check it out.


My first trip in mine was across France too, took it down the the Le Mans Classic.

They just sit there, as stable as anything, and let you enjoy the drive, the smell and the sound.

Driving them is a very pleasant experience.

Enjoy it, as I'm sure you will.

Thanks for the welcome;

Temps got above freezing here yesterday; so managed to go out for a blast around the country roads.
Here are the first pics;

ok so that didn't work with the pics!!

How does a luddite post pics from a photobucket account?
Lovely looking car, really, really nice. Love the difference to the usual coupes!
Very smart , looks fighting fit :thumbs:

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