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New porsche owner needs advice

Darren White

New member
25 Nov 2005
After many years I decided to take the plunge and buy a Porsche. It has been hard work deciding on what model to go for, but ended up going for a 1999 996 carrera 2.

The questions I have are:

1. The dealer I'm buying from has put 4 new pzero's on. What size should the front and rears be on the 18" turbo alloys?

2. Can anyone recommend a good sports exhaust that sounds good but not too over the top?



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Hi Darren and welcome to the forum.

It's too cold to go and look so forgive me if I get the profiles wrong but it's 225/40 on the front and 285/30 on the back.

The smart money would be on the Porsche swichable exhaust, especially if you bought it from an OPC or have a Porsche warranty on it. However, these are an expensive piece of kit - if you search the threads, you will find quite a lot of discussion on this subject recently. The lowest price has been about £1,500 up in Leeds. I dont know whether anyone here has tried any others on a 996. I was quite impressed by a French made one I was looking at, at the Porsche festival - very well designed and made and quite reasonable at £850 inc. VAT and a lifetime (of the car) warranty.

Hope that helps.

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i see jasmine porscha link are advertising sports exhausts for £750

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Previous poster said:
Quote: Originally posted by mark pearce on 26 November 2005

i see jasmine porscha link are advertising sports exhausts for £750
Where did you see that Mark? I just checked out their web site but couldn't find it (only exhaust tips)

The French one I was looking at was from a firm called Scart. Do you know anything about them?

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Thanks guys for the response to my questions and advice. I have been offered the designtech exhaust at around £600 without fitting. Has anyone experienced these systems?

The supplier description says that they sound like a 355 on full throttle which rings alarm bells with me and makes me think of two words Subaru Impreza!!

Getting off the exhaust question for a moment I'm also thinking of fitting the GT3 front spoiler and side skirts but not the rear boot spolier. Does anyone know if this will have any adverse effect on aero dynamics etc?

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Once again Darren, this one has been discussed too. The gist of the responses was that the front and rear aerodynamic packages are designed to work together so the ballance will be affected by not fitting both.

Back on the exhaust issue, that claim sounds very much like what Fabspeed say on their sales video for the Maxflow "mufflers"

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Guy's cheers again for all your advice so far.

One nagging concern in my mind about the car I'm buying is that although it has a full main dealer service history and covered only 46k and appears to be in good condition it does have 4 previous owners! Does that sound to high for a 1999 c2?



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I wouldn't worry about the owners- changing cars once a year is pretty typical of cars at that level.

If you can stretch to it, the Porsche switchable sports exhaust is the best IMO, as it is truly the best of both worlds and the OE spec gives comfort, especially as you need to beware of invalidating your warranty.

Despite the claims, I can see no way a 996 engine will ever sound like a 355...!

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I had a GT3 front and side set up without the spolier and have had zero problems. Unless you intend to track it on the limit then I doubt whether you'll notice any major change of dynamics, I haven't. Also Paragon fitted it and I have faith that they knew what they were doing. Good luck with it.

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