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New leak for you all to look for!


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8 Jun 2012
My car clearly likes the attention it has been getting and keeps asking for more. It's latest request displayed by dripping honey coloured engine oil over my path is a leak from the centre of the drivers side cill. Checked it out and no, it's not the thermostat or the oil filter. Where the oil cooler pipes are held to the cill, there are rubber clips. Well, mine are rusty and believe it or not, that rust has transferred to the oil pipe causing a tiny but significant (when the oil is hot and under pressure) leak. Currently draining all my lovely new oil and replacing the pipes. Plus side, it gives me a good opportunity to fit my new rs skirts.....silver lining!
Ah...something to not look forward to....I believe some people have pre-empted this and had them replaced....I am not one of those.....:(
Mine were changed for the same failure just before i bought the car. think the bill was around £1000

Ok, glad its not just me. Bought the parts and will be taking on the messy job at the weekend.
Just thought I would post an update on this one. I have just spent the last few weekends finishing this job and now have lovely new pipes down the side of my car. I also took the opportunity to clean the inside of all the pipes and oil tank. Not withstanding the obvious mess, I have to say, this one is an absolute PITA, and I wouldn't do it again. Probably the most frustrating and toughest job I have ever done and I changed the clutch and flywheel on my C4 last year and thought nothing of it. Because of the exacting design of the pipes, getting it all together is really tough and unless you have most of the suspension on the drivers side off, you had better pray that the pipes can be removed from oil thermostat. If anyone has a good trick for removing the pipes from the thermostat, I would like to hear it as I struggled for hours with a whole book of techniques. I will probably get some pictures together at some point, but I have to say, DONT be tempted by the pictures and do it!
ollster said:
Mine were changed for the same failure just before i bought the car.

+1 :thumb:
noooooooo :?

I thought we were done with rotten rust after rear-chassis-rail-gate


I guess it depends on useage, but the oil pipes up that side of the car keeps the sill area nice and toasty warm so should keep corrosion at bay. The large nuts at the top of the cooler do corrode though and I have sprayed mine with inhibitor. The passenger side sill has the cold aircon pipes in it and the sill itself can corrode, typically half way along its length. I have seen this on my car and a few others. It can be hard to spot the bubbling under the thick sill paint and protection.


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