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New Car


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20 Feb 2012
Well at last after selling my Red 964 6 months ago i have another one , reading this forum has kept me going in the mean time , i missed my old car everyday .
I first seen this one advertised on Auto-trader about 2 months ago and fell for it straight away , i was not ready to commit to one so just watched it for a while and drooled then the add disappeared so i thought it had gone , i had taken a note of the sellers no and phoned just to put my mind at rest but he did not answer so left a message or two!! , i thought it was gone and started looking at others but with a limited budget there was nothing really for me .

On Sunday (three weeks after my call ) the guy surprisingly phoned to say it was still available which i couldn't believe!, he had removed the add after some interest in it which fell through and had strong doubt in his mind weather to sell of not.
I think i have watched every 964 in the UK over past months and know i am very lucky to get this one , it was a good deal , two sets of wheels 18" on the car ( to big for my liking ) new with new tyres and on set of 17" cup 2s newly painted in black with p zero tyres , ruf suspension new black carpets , engine rebuild @ 90k , tear drops and brake ducts , white lights , clean as hell underneath (under tray missing at the back so can see ) no oil drips on the garage floor .

It has definite 157k on it now , its very solid and has been well serviced and garaged a lot of the time , colour is "Stone" Grey Metallic which ive never seen before , pretty dusty inside and the engine could do with a good clean .

There was a 40,000 mileage discrepancy on a RAC hpi check i did but this was confirmed to be incorrect with all the old mots and contact with the RAC and Jaz Porsche specialists , the issue is being put right now , so much for hpi checks !, i think with the car having a good few changes of reg plates (private ones ) it didn't help in the mix up .
I drove it up from Wales yesterday with the set of cup2s IN the car with tyres on !! so very risky ,try it its fun "not" stopped of to see Pete and Chief , was good to see them and their cars had a quick chat about dressing gowns and knickers then headed back up north arriving at 1am feeling 10 stone lighter .


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Keith you star, glad to see you back in a '64 :D

Its the wrong colour mind, but im jealous of the Stone Grey :worship:

Is she a C4?

Free 5 digit plate with the purchse?

Hope youre coming out to play next Sunday?

Hi Chris .. Will be going back to the original G plate 1990 , yes its a C4 , see you at the fast lane show / Keith
Nice one chum :thumb: Air cooled or nothing :roll:
To right Zingers , such a thrill to drive them .
Nice Keith welcome back (not that you left of course)

I like the wheels but then again I would

How is the profile clearence on the front wheels with those Vredestein tyres I was discussing those with Orange Curry today
clinchy993 said:
Nice Keith welcome back (not that you left of course)

I like the wheels but then again I would

How is the profile clearence on the front wheels with those Vredestein tyres I was discussing those with Orange Curry today

Clinchy , Cheers , the clearance is fine , no rubbing at all but seem a little close to the front of the wings , the wheels are 18inch and i think look a little to much for the car from front and back, i do love the look of them from the side though !, bit stiffer i think on cornering , may put the black cup 2s on as they are 17s or sell the lot and get some same as on now but 17 inch if pos , what are those wheels called that are on it in the pics Clinchy ??. Keith
Keith, That is one fantastic looking car. The colour looks spot on and although dissapointing that you didn't get the fastest colour I'm sure you'll have a lot of fun over the summer. :wink:

Don't sell your wheels I may know someone who would be interested in them but don't tell :thewife:

See you on Sunday - now get polishing!!

Keith, it was great to finally meet you last night. Love the car, the colour, and the two sets of wheels!
Me thinks you got quite a bargin there. Enjoy, and welcome back to the fold :thumb:
Nice one Keith that looks really cracking did you check it for bubbles :lol: always liked grey for a 964 and I will join the Q behind Thomas if you decide to part with the wheels could do a deal with my cup ones if you fancy.

Nice looking car & I love the colour :thumb:

I also like the interior with black under the linen leather. Mine has the linen carpets too and it's not very business-like and had been thinking of re-carpeting the lower parts black.

Keep the wheels :bye:

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