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New boots ?


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21 Jan 2009
anyone getting new tyres ?

ive only got a mm or so before the start of the tread markers on the rear so reckon i will get Chris to come and fit some new
I was going to but when I checked again I've still got about 5mm all round so I'll not bother...
Four new tyres for me.

Will be new pads, oil and brake fluid too.

All I need to know is, which car!
New boots on the rear AGAIN !!
I've sold some wheels so free tyres this time :thumb:
I've just ordered a set of mich PS2's from Chris. My current Pzeros are not too bad, but they don't bite at the front enough for me
Just cancelled my order with Chris - the PZero's have more rubber on them than I thought, so will run to Italy with them on!!
It turns out my fronts are also toast.
So a full set of super sports it is ouch.
These tyres are rareer than hens teeth.And more expensive than driving through Switzerland
new boots on

car handling like an absolute c&%$t

hope to god that its just the tyres that need scrubbing in because I do not want to drive 3000 miles with the car doing what its doing at the moment :frustrated:
It will be fine mate - don't worry!
pressures adjusted, few miles on and it seems to be a bit better

do need an MOT though, no joke, hopefully my man at the hounslow council depot will oblige tomorrow
My car feels a bit weird too after new rears, doesn't feel as planted as it was, I'll check pressures.

Bloody indicators have also stopped auto cancelling so if you see me driving with them on for any length of time flash me, haven't got time to fix it now before Wednesday.
Just going to drop the oil but still have the taste of Tequila from last night. :drink:
Don't worry I'm sure the car behind will say indicator of jackal :oops: I mean chris. that was last year :oops:

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