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New arrival ! 996 C4


New member
12 Feb 2004
After what can only be described as a very long week waiting to pick up the new car and saying goodbye to the BMW today. The 996 is here ! feel like a 10 year old on Christmas day.

Cobalt Blue

C4 Manual

GT3 alloys, Xenons blah blah

Would post a pickie but can't work out how to cut and paste one to this or add attachement (And I'm in IT). Any ideas ?

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Click on the 'Up' button far left

Browse for your image

Up load it

Note the address of where its up loaded to(or cut and paste)

Then click on the little tree button, second from the right

type or paste in the address in full

hit OK and Bob's your auntie

At least thats how I did it. From old posts, it doesnt work if you own one of those Mac thingys

ps I'm not in IT, does it show?

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If it's not hosted on the internet, send the pics to me at magical_moony(at)msn.com (replace (at) with @)

congrats on the car, hope it hasn't got green interior :wink:

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congratulations! I expect you will be grinning and looking for any excuse to drive whatsoever for a long time :)

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Cheers Hendo/Noony

Here goes...

Can't work out two things. Being in IT I refuse to pick up the manual except for the interesting stuff:


How do you swith on rear win wiper ?

Can't reprograme Radio presets. Evey time it start's I get Radio 2 ! (Not old enough for that yet)

Keep poping out for non descript stuff. Confusing the misses...

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Here it is TLG

And what a sparkler!!!!

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Cheers Hendo

Crapanory. Just read the manual on how to check the oil ! Are they having a laugh. Thought the BMW manual was technical. Porsche manual makes the BMW one look Fisher Price.

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Lovely looking motor - nice Alloy and exteriror color - Get that on a track day

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