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New addition on its way from across the sea (well Belgium)


6 Jun 2010
Ordered my Carnewal GT exhaust last night on line - Gert calls me from Belgium today, "thanks for your business and your exhaust is on it's way"
Good service i'd say.

As this is just a modified original Cayman s exhaust, do people think I should be bothering to tell insurers and should it affect my warranty, (its not a porsche warranty it's warranty wise, who I'm guessing would not be too wise!

Final thing, how many hours for a porsche indie to fit it?
If it's a dead simple job, would I be taking too big a gamble asking my "other car" mechanic to fit it?

Final final thing,
Should I tell my neighbours when it's been fitted or will they possibly realise when I get up and go out at 6am on sunday morning :roll:
update on new exhaust

So it's here in it's box all the way from Belgium and now I need to decide who to fit it.

Design 911 can do it in a weeks time (can I wait a week) my local general garage can do it on Thursday - probably cheaper than Design 911 but not sure if they will be as good or another indie who Ive used for other bits next Monday but again it's a loooong wait.

What shall I do?
I have no idea about any of your garages but i do know alot about rushing in to do a job and regretting it.
Im sure you know who you would rather fit it . JUST WAIT.
Are you having headers as well?

If so, then presumably snapped manifold bolts are going to raise their ugly head.

My Indy tells me you have one chance to get these off. Otherwise they snap and then it's all sorts of time consuming (expensive) drilling and tapping.

Even someone who knows what they're doing will struggle.

Good luck, rather you than me.
no not headers just the rear ends.

3 garages quoted 2 - 3 hours allowing for a bit of tricky work removing any corroded fittings.

Anybody else had a Carnewal exhaust fitted?

Ive unboxed it and it looks like.....erm and exhaust but im making the assumption that it will do all the right things when it's sitting under my car.
Hello Monkeyboy, yep, I will keep you updated, so far the latest:

Exhaust in conservatory in a cardboard box - looks like a brownish piece of metal and I'm getting impatient because I know it's only a couple of hours work to fit and I cant get it fitted this week.
YES IM IMPATIENT :frustrated:
How about having a go at doing it yourself?

Just a suggestion, its not actually difficult and there is plenty of help and guidance available.

You get a great feeling of satisfaction afterwards.
I did consider the diy option but when it comes to mechanics Im the Frank Spencer of the engine world.

Plus I have a nice driveway but no garage.

There has however been a development, the helpful team at design 911 aka Prestige Performance Centre GB, have juggled things about and are fitting it as I type this post.

I will update on the progress and the fairness of their charges (hoping they are reading this).
Update on Carnewal Gt exhaust fitted

Fitted by PPGB in Hainault aka design 911.

Sounds great, especially when you are working up through the gears and a nice burbly sound when you are slowing down.

not too boomy and not too loud when idling.
I too am really interested in this mod but need a personal video of the sound. I have seen the ones from Gert but it is from a boxster and has the other mods.

Please can you upload a video?
Hello Sixer,
I'd be happy to do that but it could take a few days as Im on a temporary mobile at the mo, as mine got busted and i cant upload from the loan one.

Where abouts are you, I'd be happy for you to have a drive and listen if you are any where near east London or essex area. I also travel about a bit but not far north of Watford.

I can tell you the fitter said it was one of the best he had heard and he must have heard a few. (probably says that to all the punters tho :dont know: )
I will really make the effort to take a vid tomorrow but Id say it sounds pretty much like that, i dont think it's quite as raspy as the one on the vid but I reckon by the amount of white vapour on the clip , its running from cold so that could be the reason for the growling sound.

I get a lot of attention when driving in traffic but not when Im just standing still at the lights, more when im shifting up or down the gears, if I change down too fast, I get the motorbike burble sound, sort of like air is being sucked into the exhaust instead of blowing out :dont know:

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