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New 993 C4 (from a 991 C2S)


New member
1 Feb 2015
I thought I'd introduce my latest car a 993 C4.

I've been on a journey with 911s.

I started out over 20 years ago with a LHD 964 cab. My first taste of a 911 and it was fabulous. I had it for 6 years and decided to move on to a 996 C2 as it was more modern with the wheel on the right side.

Parenthood practicalities meant I sold that after a year (in fact it was stolen the night before the buyer was due to collect it) and didn't return to 911 ownership until 4 years later with a 996TT. Again a super car with fabulous power delivery. I bought without a PPI and lived to regret it as I had to nurse it back to health (turbos, water pump, generator, suspension overhaul, oil rads etc etc ).
I replaced it with a 991 C2S as I found the 996TT suspension too hard on today's poor roads and wanted something modern.
This was a very refined car, very accomplished and quick but lacking a little engagement. To feel it you needed to go way in excess of speed limits. After getting 3 PCN tickets in 50 minutes (fortunately accumulating only 3 points after challenging 1 and a course for another) I decided I needed a slower car that had feel and engagement at road legal speeds. So enter my 'new' 993 C4.
It's a well cared for example, not a garage queen. Bought from a reputable specialist dealer locally (where I serviced my other 911s) it's straight and drives very well.

I'll do some maintenance myself; I've just added a Bremen SQR46 radio along with replacing the original speakers (completely disintegrated) with Hertz replacements.
I also cleaned the CCU thermistor so the heating works.
It needs a new AC condenser and the sunroof seal replacing (anyone done this? Easy?) but otherwise it's just great to get into and drive. A keeper. The flat 6 sounds wonderful.

I had toyed with an Aston V8 but very happy with such a pretty engaging classic.

I'll post some more as my journey progresses


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Congratulations :thumb:

Its weird as the Porsche journey often leads back to air cooled as we get older and realise its not all about BHP :grin:

Thats a nice combination of cars you can choose to drive :wink:
jonttt said:
Congratulations :thumb:

Its weird as the Porsche journey often leads back to air cooled as we get older and realise its not all about BHP :grin:

Thats a nice combination of cars you can choose to drive :wink:

Quite - not all about BHP.
A friend had a 992 and said the same about engagement with that model; he narrowly avoided a ban at 170mph....he hold it and has a Morgan 3 wheeler now.

I also have a Cayenne S (the strife's and great for family hols) and an M135 (station car and dog carraige) to choose from
I definitely doff my cap to the folks driving/riding in, Morgan three wheelers.

It seems relativity plays a part in our automotive decision making. I ran a 911SC, the third air cooled Porsche I had owned by the time the 993 was launched. Driving the 993 was felt to require less driver input than my old SC... In time I ended up back on two wheels for fun..(-: Having typed that I was really impressed by the outright performance of the 993, but felt one required to be driving considerably faster to feel really engaged with the machine.

You could overlay that with the experiences expressed in your mail, just that there are quite a few years difference, and a few variations of Porsche models between your thinking and mine (-: I also suspect we may well not be alone in making such observations.. ?

There is one amongst us who on occasion drives his MGB, perhaps to get back to basics and to blow the cobwebs away...? I drive something even more primitive than a "B", and which demands a fair degree of driver input while providing rewards within the speed limits on "A" & "B" roads. The old thing is alloy bodied, weighs very little and has a 3.5 V8. While seated at the wheel I can reach out and touch the road surface, thus controlling it can be as scary as one might wish it to be...Fun?... You bet.

Seems to me our choices may be all about an evolution in expectations, as well as engineering advance, and by the time electric may be the only way forward, I think that perhaps there may be a few more Luddites trying to hold on to their old fashioned ideas.... :?: :floor:
turbo-obsessor said:
I'll do some maintenance myself;

You're in the right neck of the woods to let the Grand Wizard Christian Sanger to look after it for you. He is THE Guru on 993 and following his initial inspection with calibrated Colini Stick expect the comment "Are you planning on keeping this car" :grin:
Nice story, and great car choice. I can imagine it's totally different from the 991, and sounds much closer to what you are looking for. Something for everyone :)

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