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New 987


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1 Jul 2004
My 987 Boxster is over a week old now and as it has been driven all the time, I have had no time to clean it.

Terrified of scratching it as it is already covered in grime and dead insects, so what is the best way to start cleaning it before I go for the Zymol shampoo then wax. Bear in mind that it is parked in the street so no access to a water hose.


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I'd start with Zymol shampoo with plenty of water and suds using a decent (Zymol?) sponge or wash-mitt. It's only car paintwork, and it's not exactly flower-petal delicate. It'll get even dirtier during the winter...

I'd say your paintwork is at far greater risk of damage cos the car's parked in the street... :eek:

Or is this view simplistic? :?

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Not at all, it's worse than having a newborn. Both my wife and I woke up in a panic last night to the sounds of running and shouting out in the street. My first thoughts, and my wife's, to my surprise, were Oh No! the Porsche.

Must of been trouble because the Police turned up 30 mins later, late as usual, and did they're own bit of shouting and revving of engines. This is supposed to be a nice area.

Car OK though............so far.

PS. Thanks for the washing advice.

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