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New 911 (991) Pics Leaked & Official !! Love it!!! :)

anything to keep you happy GT4


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Thanks Wiz, but just so you know, Miss Daisy was in a different league.
GT4 said:
Thanks Wiz, but just so you know, Miss Daisy was in a different league.

..........and hopefully a different bed too :wink:
Now that is just plain old downright sick....... Like the concept though :mrgreen:
...Pretty car, but as has been mentioned many times before, gone for ever
is the small, squat, nimble and slightly menancing stance of the 993/996/
997 Porsches.
This ''new'' model is so very much wider and longer, with a large chunk of
the extra length in there for rear passengers...rear passengers !...what is
that all about ?.
Pure GT car...no longer a sports car, who knows what that will mean for the
GT cars to follow...
Carrera £71.449.00
Carrera S £81.242.00
Three Years Warranty
On Sale from December 17th

Front end = looks Panamera

Rear end = looks wider 997

That aside, I like it and it's growing on me by the day, looking forward to seeing one in the flesh and and even sitting in/driving one.

Need to find out when they're coming to Japan....for sure they'll snap them up here.
This looks like a great car, can't wait to see it on the road
It looks amazing, only if I had that much spare cash!!
If I was to criticize it I would say front small light somehow don't look rite given the air vents, perhaps if they ended aligned, but still, great car. :)
here some shots in the flesh:






btw not my shots !

enjoy , greetz from the dr
Thanks Doc, these shots do the car justice! The more I see, the more I'm convinced it's a beauty. Should be a quite a looker in the metal 8)
Damn...that first shot looks really good....trying hard not to like it..lol :thumb:

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