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New '04 Cab owner ........spare key required


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15 Jul 2012
Afternoon all

Recently acquired a 2004 C2 Cabriolet from Finlay Gorham. Low mileage, plenty of history and a great spec.

Aboslutely love it so far but it came with one key and a spare fob that has no key blade and doesn't appear to work!

So, the question for the forum experts is where can I get the best price on a new spare key, programmed and ready to use?

Spoke briefly to the helpful fellas at Porschtek in Leeds and they are quoting me £210 + VAT but if someone knows of a cheaper source then all well and good ;-)

Thanks in advance

I would give your local OPC a call if £210+VAT is your starting point.
OPC Sheffield quoted me £305 inc. VAT today so a £50 (ish) saving via Porschtek.

Can a used fob be re-programmed to a new car? It seems to me that if I could source a used one and have a new blade cut then I could make a big saving on a key that I only want as a spare and that's going to sit in a drawer, hopefully never to be used ;-)

You could if the immobiliser still has its 24 digit barcode/serial.

New remote keyheads come with a 24 digit bar code that has to be entered into the car's alarm module in order to recognise it. The keyhead also has an immobiliser transponter pill which is coded to the car during the programming process. Once programmed to the car, the pill cannot be coded to another car.

So if you buy a second hand keyhead without the barcode it is an expensive ornament. If you have a transponder pill previously coded to the car, you can simply swap it over to a replacement head.

You need PIWIS along with the Porsche IPAS security codes, in order to program a remote and new transponder.

PS - I think OPC Sheffield is taking the piss

Three-button fob for 2004 Cab = £114 (or £102 with PCGB disc)
Coding tariff labour = £59 (or £53 with PCGB disc, or negotiable with other works)
Blade = (order from factory) £92 (or £83 with PCGB disc)

Whole key = £265 (or £238 with PCGB disc, or less with other works)
Ok, thanks for that information GT4

Keys in the Post will provide a new blade, cut for my car for £15 so then I'd need a new 3 button fob and coding.

Where can I buy a new fob from in the UK for the £114 that you quote? I've found an online seller in the USA who does new fobs (with the barcode) but can't seem to find one on this side of the pond.

Then all I'd need is it coding, which I'd guess an independant would do for me for a fee?

Sorry, forgot to say, they are OPC Hatfield, that is why I said OPC Sheffield were taking the piss (not just OPCs)
Thanks for that GT4, will try OPC Leeds tomorrow but failing that will give OPC Hatfield a call.

I've bought a few keys in the last few years. I've also sold a few old key fobs as I've updated to the gen 2 keys and they have always been reprogrammed. Bought a new complete key as well from Porsche Chester at £210. £305 is taking the piss
a996with2turbos said:

Thanks for that link.........shame they are in New Zealand and I'm in Lincolnshire!

Still, it got me thinking that there must be places in the uk who can repair the spare fob that I got with the car. Google soon turned up an autolocksmith in Peterborough which isn't that far from me who does a repair and refurbish service for £55.50.

So, I ordered a new blade from keys in the post dot com whcih arrived today. Works perfectly and all they needed was a picture of the blade from my working key...... £15.99 delivered to my door.

Hopefully then, by the end of this week I'll have an 'as new' spare key for a little over £70.

More than happy with that :mrgreen:


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