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Never driven when wet?....


14 Aug 2006
Out of curiosity when ive been reading through adverts for porsches i notice that sometimes it says things like 'never driven in the wet' and similar.

Why does this make any difference to the car?

Surely if a corsa can handle a bit of rain a porsche should be able to?

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All modern Porsches are full galvanised so rust isn't a major problem. However it is made of steel and it will rust eventually. Rain/water/salt is just another natural element that will speed up the process. There are many componants of the car exterior that will corrode with moisture. So to stop the car from rusting ever, you need to keep it in a warm moisture free, vaccume container. But what's the fun in that?

If you have 2 Porsches that are exactly the same but one's been living in sunny California with no rain and no SALT on the road then you'll have less corrosion. But a Porsche will still withstand the natural element better than a Corsa in the same given condition.. It's a matter of relativity.

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I'd check with the owner if they ever washed their car! :wink:

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Previous poster said:
Quote: Originally posted by oceancarrera on 09 November 2006

I'd check with the owner if they ever washed their car! :wink:
Or if it was kept in a garage!

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Ah ok im with you.

Havent ever heard of a porsche with rust i must admit!

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