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Needed: Lessons in Tiptronic...


New member
10 Sep 2003
I've recently bought a 996 Targa tiptronic (the tiptronic bit to keep the good lady happy). As it turns out, she thinks the tiptronic is not entirely 'engaging' - I should have gone with the manual - I know.

So my dilemma is this. Are there 'better' more 'engaging' ways to drive a tiptronic car - or do I have to pick up the tab of losing money on the existing car (and believe me, depreciation in the current market is rife) and trade for a manual? Is it simply easy to drive, or are there ways to squeeze more driver enjoyment from it than I currently get?

I love the current car in every other respect - what should I do?

Any suggestions/hints/tips - greatly appreciated.

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Given that the trend in performance car including F1 is towards either paddle or switch to change gear then I think its something we will all become used to.

I found when I drove my a the recent track day quite involving - you are able to move up and down the box quickly using the steering wheel control - with no worry of clutch damage and switch back the full auto when you are doing the cool down lap.

The auto engine map do also try and adapt to your driving style with over 250 different maps - alot more than the Tip in the boxter.

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If you want engaging, just try driving a bit harder using the steering wheel controls, i've had my 993 tiptronic for 2 years now and still keep forgetting which way is up or downshift. I have also done a couple of trackdays and found both the steering wheel and sequential shifts to work well.

I would suggest stick with it and enjoy the best of both worlds

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Haven't found a tiptronic/ steptronic/ F1 paddle shift or any other semi auto gear box that is perfect yet, hence I am sticking to the manual transmission. As semi auto's go Porsche's latest Tiptronic S is one of the best available, but no matter how you look at it it is still a compromise between auto and manual. Driven hard in manual mode the shift patern adjusts to the way it is being driven after a while and then when driven gently you still have a gearbox shifting like it is on a track until it adapts again. Left in auto mode all the time it seems fine but engaging it is not.

My advise (for what it is worth), bite the bullet and change it for a manual transmission now, if you don't you'll spend the entire time that you own the car feeling that you missed out.

Paul D, 2004 GT3

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Honours even so far in terms of flog it/keep it.

One other question - have any female owners/partners experienced difficulties with the weight of the 996 manual clutch?

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My other half drives the GT3 often, which has a heavier clutch than the C2/C4 996, (she doesn't drink, hence drives anytime we are out). The only time she ever complains is when she is in high heels, apparantly they are impossible to drive it in!

Paul D 2004 GT3

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