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need knowledge

Luke R

9 Jun 2003
being such a nipper, i kinda pride myself on my technical knowledge of cars. however, i realise that there is a vast amount which i do not know and am eager to learn. i always wanted to be a mechanic as a lad but my dad wouldnt let me because he wanted me to earn some decent money! i couldnt see it at the time.

anyway, i was just wondering if any of you guys knew of any websites that offer explanations on how various parts of cars work etc or anything along the same lines?


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Hi Luke. You could get the high earning job and play with cars at the weekend?

Simon, welcome. Your car is rare, have you any pictures?

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Thanks Noony. Unfortunately I'm getting a little ahead of myself with the signature - I only bought it last week and don't pick it up til next week! So pictures could be a little while away yet...

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Simon.....don't you DARE remove the whale-tail....its all part of the original car, and hence wouldn't be the same without it.

They look fantastic and are just SO 911!!


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Marc... yes I think you're right. Which is why it will probably stay.

I do think they look (slightly) better without but I am keen to keep the originality, and this one even has the blaupunt cassette/radio they came with at the time. Who listens to music in a 911 anyway?!


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Me! Have an engine noise of the ''wussy'' variety in our 996, with no sports exhaust, so the cd player will have to do!

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Just to put the other side of story ......

The whale tail must go !!!!!! I've taken mine off and think the car looks soooo much better without it. There are a few threads on here about removing them - have a good search around. Put simply you either weld up the holes on the existing engine lid or buy a second hand spoilerless lid and spray to match. I took the second option which means that if someone is really concerned about originality when I come to sell then they can put the old lid plus spoiler back on - in the meantime it's gathering dust in the barn at home.

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If its a whale tail, it should stay. If it is a tea-try tail it should go. Whale-tails are great!!!

Sorry, Jamie!!!

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I'm no expert -- hey, I just got here -- but happens to the aerodynamics if you remove the rear spoiler, especially if the front splitter/dam remains?

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Keep the Whale Tail! Its everything the 80's stood for; oversized and extravagant, not to mention, its very useful for resting things on while trying to find car keys etc, etc...

Wazza (proud of my whale tail!)

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Clearly this is a matter on which opinions are split.

Phil I think it's time for one of your little polls on the homepage........

Whale-tail yes or no ?

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I totally can't make my mind up! (Oh and it's a whale-tail, not a tea-tray.)

The whale-tail is an 80's thing on an 80's car. But I do think it looks slightly better without.

Guess it will stay on because I don't feel strongly enough to take it off.

A poll could be very interesting though..........


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The poll software has gone AWOL since I redesigned the site, maybe we should have a vote on whether to bring it back? :D

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Yes Phil, bring back the poll !

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