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Nearside Indicators Intermittent


6 Sep 2020
My nearside lights are being annoying. They are LED rear cluster and LED front side light cluster. Most of the time they are working fine but sometimes that whole side fails. One minute fine, the next the indicators ticker is going like the clappers but with no illumination. I'm suspecting a bad connection somewhere but can anyone point me in the right direction of where to look that will affect the whole nearside? The bumper's coming off this week which may help? :dont know:
I would start by removing the n/s/r light cluster and making sure its not got water in it ..

After that a fault code read out .. its possible it's to do with the hazard light system but unfortunately these are Control unit operated and front and rear Cu,s are in charge .... no longer a case of pinning out wires with a voltmeter i'm afraid ... we start with a tester if no water ingress .
No water ingress.
It's a strange thing... I can turn ignition on, flick on nearside indicators and all works fine. As soon as I start the engine they fast tick inside and don't flash outside.... although the non LED side indicator still works fine. It's just the front and rear LED lights that have the issue.
When driving they can be working 1 minute, and not working the next. Think I'll have to call an auto electrician out unless there are any electrical wizards here that could throw up an easy fix?

Thought maybe a resistor problem but the offside lights are perfectly fine :dont know:
It could be an issue with either front or rear light units .. the connectors or if they are non standard the resistors fitted to mimic oem bulbs .

fault code check is where i would start but would probably end up checking light unit resistance side to side to see if one was higher than the other front and rear ..

I would then have a light unit issue if one light unit was higher than the other side ... auto electrician time perhaps .
So looks like a resistor fault on the rear. Am trying to locate the same resistor but not having any luck. Any ideas? Would any old panel mounted resistor be OK instead?
I had some turn indicator resistors so fitted one of those. Exactly the same issue. Indicators working fine with ignition on then fast blinking inside and not working outside when the engine started.
Exasperated, I disconnected the new resistor and whilst the wires were disconnected (both hanging loose) I tried again just to see if the resistor was having any effect whatsoever...... The whole unit seems fine!! WTF? No errors and indicator continued working when engine on. :frustrated:
Should I just leave this black and yellow totally disconnected?
Should I try connecting black and yellow to bypass resistor and see what happens?

I feel like I've almost fixed it but it can't be this simple right?
This is into aftermarket items which i'm afraid i know very little about .

Fitting leds and the issue is they draw next to no current .. the car thinks the bulb has blown so will fast click the indicators to warn you .. the control unit may even stop sending voltage so they won't work .

Normally you just have a fast blink inside but they work normally outside .

The resistors are fitted to mimic a normal incandescent bulb amperage .

resistors get hot btw so location fitted must be thought about .

If you have got it working normally then its fixed surely ?
deMort said:
If you have got it working normally then its fixed surely ?

It's a big fingers crossed i guess. I'm just worried that by cutting this wire I might have made something else unsafe whether that lighting or electrics. I guess I should just drive it and see what happens. My auto electrician is as elusive as a teenager before 11am :frustrated: :D
cottlad said:
My auto electrician is as elusive as a teenager before 11am :frustrated: :D

Lol i know what you mean :)

Something is not right but if it works it works .. any further issues then you'll have to wait until after 12 i guess and get him to look then !

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