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Nearly binned it today...

Chester J Lampwick

Well-known member
18 Mar 2013
2 weeks into 911 ownership I just scared myself severely on the A6024, going up from the Woodhead road up to Holme Moss.

Working hard to keep a motorcycle behind me (I know, I shouldn't, but I did let his mate go barrelling past) , I crested a little yump, just before a slight 'S'' bend. I expected it to go light, but what nearly had me was the bottoming on the other side, and the car suddenly wanting to go straight on. Sheer drop to the left, grass bank to the right. :eek:

I got steering back before I ran out of road, and stopped at the top of Holme Moss for an ice cream , feeling slightly shocked.

In the 911's defence, although I know the road, I might not have been going quite so fast last time I went up there in a car. It does steer well, its all very tight and responsive, but not with all 4 corners bottomed out.
:hand: Attacked by clingons I dont doubt.
Wot are you doing, go on to snake pass 50 mph all the way and its great, did it this morning at 5.30am well nice just keep going :thumb:
These cars can get to silly speeds in the blink of an eye - you should try a Turbo - I have to discipline myself to change up from 3rd to 4th gear quite quickly and then ease off to let it slow down on its own accord to the speed limit!

And don't try to out-gun a biker - they are loonies - I was a biker and can remember what I was like when I was under 21. Of course that was recently, now I'm a bald git of 25 years pussy-footing around in a Turbo - the mecahnical equivalent to being a lion tamer - easy to let it out the cage - but putting it back in the cage is the tricky bit!

Take care.
No steering whilst in the air :D I know this road very well it is getting a bit lumpy in parts. Next time make sure his mate doesn't get past :bye:

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