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Nathan's Carrera


13 Nov 2002

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Now, these 993s are all very well and good but I still think of the old 3.2 shape as the proper 911. Doesn't it look great....!

(I think the front end of a 993 looks far too much like a 968)

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Very nice! Good location too, where is it?

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Thanks guys. Posted it to make me feel better. With all these pics of 993's flying about I thought it might stop my cravings for one. I know what you mean about the front of a 993 but the overall shape is just sooo sexy. The main thing I dislike about mine is the impact bumpers, but I suppose that can always be changed.

The location is the moors above Haworth (where I live) in Bronte country, Wuthering Heights and all that.

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If you fancy an aesthetic change you could always fit RUF bumpers - they look great.

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Looks like a catalogue pic.! very nice


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Very nice car Nathan. If your car looks as good as it does in the piccs why look for a 993? I bought mine 'cos 2.7 RS are too expensive in good original condition.


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How are you enjoying the 993rs His?

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Noony, it can be a little intimidating as my other car has ONLY 160bhp and has nowhere the limit of the RS so during some corners in the RS it's like WOOA!! If it was my Honda I would be in the barriers! Great machine these Porsches. Still got a heck of a lot of learning to do.


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It's just as good in the flesh :)

I still need to drive a 993. Don't get me wrong, I love my car but always crave more performance and as yet I don't know how much extra I'd get out of a 993. Maybe the trackday I'm doing at the end of the month will help me decide one way or the other.

James, I like the look of the Ruf bumpers too (& less weight) but they're very expensive, particularly as they're only GRP. Does anyone else do a more realistically priced alternative?

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