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Mystery switch


New member
21 Jan 2003
Can someone help please.

I have just purchased a 964 C4 coupe, which is looking and running great. However, there is a switch with a small red LED next to it on the side on the center console in the drivers footwell.

Ive tried turning it on and off, but it doesnt appear to do anything and the light does not come on. There is no mention of it in the manual.

Any ideas?

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Is the car an import? - if it is a jap import they dont have rear fogs and sometimes a switch is fitted to run the rear fogs - long shot i know!

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In my 993 the LED comes on when one of the warning lights on the dash illuminates. It tends to be the fuel low warning light. If the light comes on and you hit the switch,it turns the warning light off on the dash.

So i think it can be described as a warning light override button.

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Thanks for the responses.

I also thought it could be an after market alarm, but it looks too neat to be added after. But perhaps they just did a good job!

It still has the orignal porsche alarm/imoboliser which is the one I use. Perhaps someone was being extra cautious!

I will try and start the car with the switch on next time I take it out.

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Do you have a photo of it you can post here ?

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Note that you have a coupe, but I read somewhere that a switch in this area was fitted to a cabs to allow you to set the alarm, but turn off the ultra sonics if you left the roof open. If you have a sunroof perhaps it was fitted to yours as an addition. Just a suggestion.

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Hello Mr.T, hope you are well !

Le Mans was superb.

Once again a fountain of knowledge even if the switch is not for the ultrasonics in this case.


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Ive just had another play with the switch and it is definetley related to the alarm. Im not sure if it is the ultra sonics. But I think Michael was on the right track with the suggestion about the sunroof/cabs.

I turned on the swith opened the sunroof and armed the alarm, I leant through the sunroof and waved my arms a bit. Nothing happened but when I tried unlocking the doors from inside the alarm went off.

I repeated this with the switch off, and the doors unlocked without the alarm being activated.

Thanks for the help!

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I had a look at mine at the weekend and i have the same switch!! - i thought it was just a blanking plate!

If i turn the switch on it basically overrides the total closure feature of the alrm on mine (A PA100). I can now lock the car with the roof down - quite handy if you are filling up or something - its a pain having to come out and drop teh hood and windows etc... if you are only nipping away for 5 mins!

I would guess that it also disables the ultrasonics as you cant use ultrasonic sensors with the hood down!

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Whilst on the topic of 'total closure', does anyone's total closure closed BOTH the windows and hood ? Mine does only the hood, a pain if you have also had the windows open. Is this a sloppy alarm install or a limitation of the car itself ?

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Yep - mine does both - the alarm system is a PA100 - it has a remote with a single large button in the middle - not the 2 button remote from the pa1000 systems and it does do the roof and windows - drivers window first then passenger side.

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