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Mystery fluid leak

deMort said:
911Time said:
Health? Thank you for asking! Up and down recently, more worries and a scan after Christmas (not great timing) but still kicking and trying to get the most out of life. Best wishes!

kinda lost interest in this thread now i've read this ..

Thinking of you .. keep your chin up Young man .

Thanks Iain, you're a gent!

Best wishes, Mark
Luda - If it is something that a 111 point check would pick up then it sounds like warranty could cover it? You've paid an arm and a leg and I expect your local OPC service desk is on speed dial so give that a call :thumb:

You never know you might be in the frame to get invited to the staff Christmas party.
Zingers old chap you are most prescient, just so happens my OPC invited me to a drive in movie session freebie, and in the off chance I might be interested, also offered me the opportunity to purchase another Porsche, having sent me details of a rather smart circa 8K mile 2018 (?) GT3RS for a tad over £200k.... Which I imagine sold in minutes to some fortunate investor/enthusiast, but not me for sure.

In circa 50 years of messing with machinery I have never bought anything on the imagined strength of a guarantee, I relied on my own assessment of worth and acquiring the skills to repair it myself should I have bought a dog... which I did on occasion, must have had the welding goggles on when I bought a 60`s well tracked Elan in the 70`s, but that is another story... (-:

Just to old and cold to be rolling about the garage floor these days and given the history of Porsche failings since they went to water cooling, and the costs reported of rectification, the guarantee scheme which I suspect they were forced to introduce to retain a degree of customer confidence, seemed the sensible option for ME. If I never have to claim I will be happy, though looking at those exhaust fixings they seem to be below par relative to the rest of the system...Hmm..?

As for the washers, I put that down to my flawed old fashioned thinking that ideally all water should run down the outside of a vehicle and not through the vehicle as seemed to be accepted practice these days. Finding fluid dripping out from just below the location of a rad and a heat exchanger I was a tad concerned, but slipped back into my old way of working as opposed to getting on to the supplying dealer and making a fool of myself. Fortunately DeMort and others were ahead of the game and determined that the likely source of the fluid would be from the HL washer system, again water using some internal route as do the screen washers fluids, to eventually exit the car..!

Worth of guarantees...? Well the supplying dealer sent a replacement for the out of date tyre sealant, and their Insurance/warranty company paid out for the replacement of the alarm siren fitted by the OPC... so far so good..?

I guess from that which I have read so far that should the nipples on brake calipers be seized, then I suspect the warranty should pay out for any repairs/replacements, if indeed the brake fluid changes have been carried out at an OPC at the required service intervals... :?:

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