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My U boat

Jonathan Rubins

26 Sep 2004
if you recall the classic Risky Business moment when the Porsche engineer asks who is the u boat captain well I got to re-enact it yesterday being stuck in a valley road during the storms.

The merc in front stalled in water at least above its wheels and set off all the electrics, i had to follow and balanced half on a curb eased across, not only did we make it but the brakes started working again nearly immediately... pride

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We were flooded too, luckily only about six inces deep at the time. Was two foot later on though. Would have needed the pickup to get me out.

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this is where camera phones need to be used !

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i really felt for the woman in the Merc, i had 4 minutes to get to a funeral hence not helping her nor retracing my steps and deciding to go for it, the a1 had standing water like I have never seen but all credit to the car it trucked on like a good un.

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Previous poster said:
Quote: Originally posted by admin on 27 November 2006

this is where camera phones need to be used !
I was too hungover to operate machinery! :wink:

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Learnt something about Cruise Control and standing water yesterday - I forgot the golden rule about not mixing the two :?

(ETC brakes the aquaplaning wheel sending all the power through the other back wheel, and you can normally guess the rest...) :(

... however, I was in the new Freelander at the time and the ETC cancelled the cruise instantly :eek:

Impressed or what? Don't try it at home though - unless you are absolutely sure your car will do the same (does anyone know if it does on a Porsche?)

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