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My new 993 Targa coming...!


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1 Sep 2003
Hurrah! I've found a car, with collection scheduled for Saturday morning, subject to viewing and a quick drive.

It is a private sale 993 Targa, arena red with grey interior, 96 N with 33k miles. Been looking for one like this for ages, off and on.

I've had it PPI'd but not seen it yet in the metal. Childish, but I'm so excited I can't sleep!


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good work..!

don't forget to post loads of pics !

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Well done Robert, you'll be part of a very exclusive group of 993 owners. 993s are the dogs danglies, 993 targas are just simply huge dogs danglies! Enjoy.

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well done on finding one i think the glass top targa is great

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Thanks folks- I'll post pics (if my limited understanding of such technology allows) soon.


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Congrats Robert-will be interested on your views on the 993 vs. the 355.

If you have any problems with pics then email them over.

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Enjoy today Robert :D

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Got the car yesterday- hurrah! Just as good as I'd hoped, and looking forward to getting to know its ways better. It has brought memories of my old 3.2 flooding back!

Noony- Initial thoughts of 355 vs 993- the 993 feels so narrow- much easier to place on the road. The 993 feels more lively low down in the rev range, but feels like it runs out of revs too quickly- where the 355 revs to 8500 rpm! The steering feel on the 993 is far superior. The 355's ride is harder, but feels more taut and composed over bumps/corners. The 355 feels more 'bespoke' inside, but then so it should! The 993's gearbox is more pleasant and easy to use, but does not feel quite so direct- rods vs cables I suppose.

The 993 feels just as much of an 'event' to drive, and feels like it has more character. The targa roof offers a whole new dimension vs the removable panel on the GTS, but does not feel as open, probably because of the roof side rails. I especially like the feel of the targa with the roof closed, but blind retracted.

Overall, the higher cost of the 355 is apparent when eperienced side by side with the 993. The driving experiences are very different, but the 993 is certainly as fun to drive but for different reasons- the 355 is all about performance, where the 993 involves you more, more of the time.


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Robert, good summary, I'm glad you like it.

Now, for the pics????!!!

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always good to have another 993 targa owner in the house... that's about 10 here.. actively !

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Ahh, pics. Its looking a bit mucky after its trip up from Canterbury, and not at its best. I'll try some photos after I've washed it!

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