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My First Porsche

Pete B

New member
2 May 2003
Hello All,

Although I have been reading the postings on this forum for a good few months, trying to pick up tips on what to look for when buying a Porsche (which model to go for etc), this is actually my first time of writing to this forum.

The reason I am writing now is because I have just become the proud owner of a stunning Amazon Green 1993 (K) 911 964 C2 Coupe - and it's awesome.

I bought it from Paragon, it's in mint condition for a car with 75,000 miles - just a few stone chips on the bonnet which is to be expected but otherwise seems to be straight - A new engine last year, new clutch, new flywheel, new tyres, new brakes, full OPC history, recent 12 month service and MOT and 1 year parts and labour warranty.

I have one question so far and that is with regards to the dreaded 964 ailment - Oil. I have put 900 miles on the car in 2 weeks and at the end of these miles, the oil level gauge on the instrument panel was barely out of the red when stationary on a level surface. I've since been told that it is normal for the Porsche to use around 1 ltr of oil per 1000 miles. Is this true or do I have a slow leak/am I being paranoid?

Also, can anybody else vouch for the reputation of Paragon - I have no complaints but I would be interested to know others thoughts on their reputation/service - to put my mind at rest on their warranty etc as I broke the 1st rule of Porsche buying and did not have an independent inspection!



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Hey congratulations on the first Porsche. Next week, I should be joining you....

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The chap who I bought my 993RS off said that the engine oil level should be checked after the oil had sufficient time to heat up and top it up. If you fill it up when it is cool you lose oil as it overflows when it warms up and expands.

My car is in top condition so he must be fairly knowledgable about this unlike myself. Anyone else heard this before? My handbook is in German so I cannot understand what it is saying!!!


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Congratulations on your purchase. I am saying nothing about the PPI or lack of (which takes a great deal of restraint on my part!) I am not sure what oil aliment you are refering to with regards to the 964 but for reference, the oil should be measured with the car on a flat surface with the engine warm. I suggest you warm the car up fully and then measure the oil on the dip stick (be careful not to drop it in the filler neck when you are done!)

Re. whether or not you have an oil leak, you may have a faulty oil level gauge or sensor. Does you car still have the under-engine tray on (big black plastic thing that keeps the sound down and offers some under-car aerodynamic aid)? If not, which is normal as most owners remove them because there is a supposed benefit in engine cooling with it removed, you would know if you have an oil leak because there would be a pool of oil under your car when you park it. If it is burning oil you should be able to see that in the exhaust gases - try driving to 4000 or so revs in second then suddenly back off the accelerator. If you valve guides are worn you will see a plume of black smoke out of the exhaust.

Anyway, try checking the oil level using the method I described above. Can I also recommed you read in detail the website www.porsche964.co.uk . It is extremely useful for 964 owners.

Good luck


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Reply from Poon. I have moved it so delete the duplicate thread.

I used to have a 964, best thing to do is fill up to half way on the dipstick, then use the the car for 500 miles, check dipstick! However hot oil thins and therefore expands so it is hard to tell. The gauge on the dash is okay but not totally accurate especially if the sender connections get corroded, I had mine changed and worked better. You can only tell true oil level when car is a normal operating temp and on level ground at tickover. If you have an oil leak the undertray may disguise this however leave it parked on a steep slope after a hot run and this will tell you as the oil runs out of drain holes!Paragon should stand by any oil leaks! They seem fairly decent, but are at the end of the day looking to make a profit. It is normal to use oil however mine didn't!Hope this helps.


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Hi Guys,

Thanks for all of the advice - it has proved very useful. I took the Porsche back to Paragon and they could find no oil leaks and they could see no evidence of oil entering the cylinders, which is great news. It seems that the problem lies with a slightly dodgy oil level sensor so I will investigate further (especially the sender connections - cheers poon).

They have also replaced the Distributor Belt which provides more peace of mind so I am now ready for trouble free motoring for the forthcoming future (hopefully!).

I'll let you know how it goes.

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I prefer the 964 over all the others and have a 911 (964) C2 Convertible as a summer car. I keep the oil level just over min as there is around 11 litres in at that point, between min and max there is only about 1.5 litres.

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