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My first 911

Philip Houston

New member
16 Jun 2013
Hi Porsche fans!
Just joined your web club for more inspiration and knowledge.
Owned my first 911 for 3 weeks now!!
I bought it with the idea of spraying it silver, but since people have been telling me I'm mad, the colour has kinda grown on me.
Bodywork/paintwork great & engine has had a overhaul.
During the test drive, it was the sound produced by my right foot that sold it for me.My biggest problem is that my coins keep rolling out of my pocket...lol!

1979 3ltr sc with a 964 upgrade at some point.
We call her 'Minty'


  • minty_254.jpg
    106.2 KB · Views: 3,199
Gorgeous colour, I wouldn't touch it in a million years.

This might be a bit ironic as I own a black 911 buuuuut;
I do believe that if you're going to drive something special then it should look special, a mad colour only helps cement that and I for one really like the mint green!
Have to agree, that's a great colour for the car, I wouldn't change it either! :thumb:
Thanks for the feedback!

Another wee snap....


  • minty_front_118.jpg
    100.4 KB · Views: 3,184
Please don't respray it silver or any other boring standard colour :nooo:. That colour is ace :thumb:

Perfect base for an RS Replica 8)
I'm also curious what's it worth?
30,000 miles now on the clock but I doubt it's genuine.
All black leather interior with the sports recaro style electric seats.

I'm happy to tell you what I paid for it after I get 10 guesses..... :thumbs:
Nice car and a lovely colour too !!
Spray it boring SILVER!!....you have to kidding......that looks the dogs danglies.

Don't touch the colour, it looks fantastic!
Don't spray it, the colour is awesome. If money is burning a hole, stick some BBS LM's on it :D
BBS LM's, I didn't even know what they were till I googled them...lol!

Yep I agree, they'd look well on Minty.
It looks great that colour , i would guess you paid £14k
Great colour :thumb:

Difficult to price as it is somewhat of a hybrid between two models :dont know: likely to have cost a lot to develop it
Well KP964, your only 6K out.
Looks like it's staying mint for a while anyway.
Thanks for the feedback guys.

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