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20 Dec 2005

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Very nice, Very nice, I have the 996 4S in Seal grey, I assume your 997 is seal grey.

Why 2?

Which do you prefer to drive?



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I have always liked the Boxster. I spent 2 years telling myself I'd get one and then I did. So I guess it is hard for me to part with it. My only complaints with it are:

Savanna - not really my preferred choice but its ok.

No PSM - I had some moments, which adds to the fun, but if I could wave a magic wand I'd have it with PSM.

The seat - I'm 6'1 and I dont really fit in it.

So I have always liked 911's since I was a wee lad. However recently they seem to be getting wider and wider at the back. I prefer the back of the Boxster to the 997. I only tried the 997 because I wanted more leg room. Once I'd driven it I had to have it. I tried a non S but I preferred the S. Probably just because I knew it was the S.

To be honest I've not really driven the Boxster much since I got the 997. The seat / position in the 997 is far better. I've been thinking about trying some different seats rather than get rid. I'm no hairdresser but I like open top driving. I thought about a 997 conv but for me a 911 has to be a coupe.

So to answer your question: I loved the Boxster until I spent 2 months driving around in the 997. Now the Boxster seating position just annoys me. But give me a good stretch of windy road and some sunshine and it’s the Boxster.

In reality the 997 is quicker, probably because it has lots of electronic gubins which gives me bigger balls. It took a while getting used to the idea of pressing the accelerator when your mind tells you to wait. Once you do you realise the car knows best and it just takes over. The grip is really impressive in the wet - but I never turn the PSM off or even bother with sport modes. I accept I'm not the best driver in the world and therefore whats the harm in a little help!

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I was tempted to buy a boxster S, and it was just not powerful enough, to make me happy, and also the cabin felt very tight, I am 6'2", although I have to say in comparison to a TT etc a far better car, though the Z4 is a good car, and cheap.

Who cares you have the best of both worlds, Now I am on the look out for a track day car, however I think I am heading for a Westie, best bang for the buck.



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